Help Me with SSD Vs NVMe for Bootable Drive and for Gaming

Hi guys,

I have recently built my PC, I got 1Tb Crucial SSD and 1Tb SS 970 Evo, all thanks for OZ bargain.

I am planning to have 1 for bootable + program and the other for gaming storages ( mostly steam games).

Can you guys help me decide which drive is better for booting and which for gaming?

I don't do any content creation, just casual gaming, web browsing and some softwares like autoCAD.

Thanks in advance.



    From memory, the 970 EVO should be faster than the Crucial SSD. Use the faster drive as your boot drive and most commonly used programs (and/or games - games are also programs too). Use the other drive for storage and less used programs.

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    Make your boot drive NVMe and use the other for gaming.

    They're both 1TB so you can always choose to install your more preferred games on the NVMe anyway.


    what is the bus speed of your m/b?

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