Virgin Status Credit Run Questions

This will be my first time doing such an adventue so i know these will be noob questions.

If you get a business saver ticket and it includes a stopover with 2 flights on the same ticket do u fly in business on both flights? For example if there is a stop over in brisbane.

All up i will net 590 status credits for a total outlay of $3300. Is that a decent ratio of credits per $ spent?

Im kind of handcuffed by the fact it has to coincide with a mates wedding haha.

Theres another option to just get elevate fares on the return home. It will get me 220 less points in total but also save me $1200.

So its $3300 for 590 status credits and a more comfortable journey home
Or $2100 for 370 status credit and return in cattle class lol.

I know its a very individual thing and it depends on lots of factors but wonder what other ozbargainers would go for.

Oh and to answer the obvious question… Yes there is a reason for me wanting to earn extra status credits. The next year ill be doing a lot of travel but dont want to wait to accumulate the status the regular way. Just want to sort of fast track it in advance if that makes sense.

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  • Yup you will. If you purchased the business ticket and it stated it has a stopover. (unless in some situation, it stated that certain part of the trip could be in Premium Economy or Economy classes)
    And you will earn status credit as two separate flights also.
    One thing you kind of confirm already is WHY you want to accumulate status credit. I believe you want to get the benefit of "status" when you travel next year. (e.g. Lounge access, priority boarding etc)
    But don't forget tho, you will get all that if you fly in business class anyway.
    I have been chasing status in the past 4 years. (Gold with QF, Gold with VA) It is definitely handy if you fly Economy class a lot. However, when I fly business class, I don't see the value of having Gold status. One interesting thing about VA Gold is that you will have an opportunity to "upgrade" your ticket using points if you purchased "Freedom" economy fare. (not worth it tho)

    Btw … just a personal preference, I think you ask the question in the wrong forum. There are other forums that have a lot of Aussie frequent flyer (do a google search), you might be able to get more insight from there.

  • Airly has a great answer above. I can only add that $5.60/sc is pretty decent value. From memory the average rate is around $10/sc.


    Sounds like Bali?

    I’d go Business or st least Econ x.

    Use a 10% promo code for business also. Use Cashrewards too. Should shave $300+ off it.

    The best status runs are with Delta. Can be done for nearly $1/SC if you get adventurous.

  • Yup bali thinking of going there via CBR and singapore on a freedom fare and come back via Brisbane on business.

    Whats a good code to use?


    How many SC do you actually want?

    Gold I assume?

  • Was hoping to get to platinum just cos i reckon it would be easy to maintain esp with family pooling. Although from what ive read about velocity its probably not even worth it.

    Most of my flying will be to the states anyway so id be unlikely to ever use the 4 free domestic upgrades unless i booked trips specifically for that purpose which is just more $$$ wastage lol


      I’d probably stick with Gold. I’ve been bouncing between the two for a while and I wouldn’t bother blowing cash for plat. The only really benefit is the free Econ X seating.

      The Dom upgrades are fairly useless considering the cost of freedom fares.

      There is double status credits to NZ currently, you could do a day return or onight return or something.

  • Oh well ive commited to it now haha. Booked 2 business saver seats both ways. Basicly ended up paying 2k extra just for the additional status credits.

    All reports suggest that virgins business class to bali is pretyy woeful. Just a bit of extra leg room. Apparently the seats dont even recline back much lol. Anyways its not even close to the stupidest decision ive ever made so it should still be sweet.

    • All you need to worry about is to make sure you enjoy the lounge before the flight. If you are in MEL or SYD, you could go to "The House". (make sure you could go there 3 hours (I think) before your flight, since the rules has changed now. The food is pretty decent and the service is awesome, don't for get to try the whiskey. ENJOY the experience!!!! and the status.

      • Haha no chance im afraid. 6.30am flight from sydney to brisbane and then got roughly an hour to get to the international terminal in brisbane and go through customs/security before boarding. Pretty sure that wont iinclude enough time for a stop in the brisbane lounge.

        On the way back its the same story with another tight connection in brisbane and if what ive read about the "premier" lounge in denpasar is true then it's even worse than waiting around at the gates lol.

        The upside is we get to be more comfortable on the plane than anyone else and i get 680 status credits :)