expired [Switch] Joy-Con & Pro Controller Charging Dock $22.98 + Delivery (Free with Prime for Over $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


Great for charging the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and/or Spare Joy-cons

  • Officially licensed by Nintendo (Manufactured by PowerA)
  • Charges 2 Joy-Con Controllers and 1 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • USB-C dongle attaches to Pro Controller for quick drop & charge functionality

Purchased mine from previous EB Games deal

NOTE: Item is sold by Amazon US, therefore requires minimum purchase of $49 to qualify for Free Delivery with Prime. (Direct from Amazon AU is $35.66)

Price history at CamelCamelCamel.

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    Damn bought it for $36 from EB last week. Highly recommend it though

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    Ships and sold by amazon US. So only free shipping if you have both Prime and spend over $49 on international orders. Still a good deal though.


    Wha? I thought amazon US stopped shipping to oz when they were whinging about compliance costs of charging GST on aus orders?


    Isn't this kinda pointless if you only have 1 pair of joy cons and a pro controller? Could easily just put the joy cons back and plug controller into USB-C.

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      Only useful if you have an additional set of Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers.

      The only advantage for user that only owns One set of Joy-Con and Pro Controller, is that you don't have to plug in the Pro Controller to charge (Dock comes with a dongle that attaches to Pro Controller).


        Yeah, I'm charging my pro controller every day (I only really need to charge it once a week though) and it just wears out the cable connectors over time.

        The spring-pins don't really wear out with the dongle as a single-point contact.


    Dongle is unobtrusive when handling the controller and, like the charging dock itself, matches the aesthetic of the Switch dock/pro controller very well.

    Would highly recommend to anyone that owns a pro controller + extra joycons


    Damn i just paid $19 for the power a 4 x joycon charger.

    I'm waiting for a good deal on switch pro controller. Then maybe upgrade to this.


    Price boosted back to 44.92

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