Wanted - A Proactive, Efficient and Responsive Body Corporate Management Company in South-East Melbourne Suburbs

I live in a block of 15 units in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne.

We have had the same Body Corporate Management company for a long time - and I have lived here 16 years.

Trying to get these people to do anything is difficult to put it mildly. Simple things yes, they can usually be dealt with, and we don't have any complaints about the garden maintenance etc.

But our major issue is car parking e.g, parking on the common property which is not allowed.

Unfortunately, our units were constructed in 1969, back when two car families were not the norm and all the units have one car port and mostly only space for one car. Some units can take two cars if parked up close, and off the common property. We have managed to keep it under reasonable control, but now have a new resident who just thumbs his nose at us, and believes he can park where he likes.

We have threatened the current management with sacking previously, but that doesn't seem to galvanise them into action.

I suspect most companies will be much of a muchness, but just maybe someone out there has a decent manager that knows how to respond to these sorts of issues and deal effectively with them.

TLDR : same as the title of this post.



    What makes you think the new body corporate will have any effect on the tenant's behaviour?


      Nothing at all. As I said in the post, I suspect most management companies are useless. We would just like to find that rare one who actually manages and can justify their fees.

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    Keep dreaming


    I have the same problem at my place,but not doing anything about it cause we don't want the guy mad at us. He parks outside our bedroom window and starts his car at 5 every morning and leaves it running for a minute before he leaves. Very annoying.


      What does your management say about that?

      We do not approach any occupant/owner directly for the same reasons. Everything is done through the management company. Also when they send out their "generic" letters about car parking, property maintenance etc, every occupant/owner gets the letter so there are no accusations of victimisation etc.


        They know that it is wrong though, I doubt a letter reminding them so is going to make the decide not to do it.


    Highly recommend strataequitymanagement.com.au


    Yeah, nah, doesn't exist.

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    And I'd like a unicorn that farts Blackforest sponge cakes.


    Let's make this a game?

    Also Wanted - An honest lawyer/mechanic/car sales person


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