Best Price/Opinions on a HTC Vive VR Headset


I recently picked up a GTX 1060 6gb and looking for a VR Headset.
I tried the Dell Windows MR Headset, but found it wasn't very immersive as I noticed the rings in my peripheral vision.

I haven't had the chance to try the HTC Vive (non pro ver.) and was wondering what your experience with it are, and where can I get a banger deal on it.
Ideally Sub $750, but I know my chances are slim. Interested to hear what you guys paid for it, or the cheapest you've seen it!



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    you're late by about 3 days.. there was a sale of the non-pro for 699. HTC Vive is good if you have the space. immersion is good as is the tracking. by all accounts the oculus dual joystick controllers are better, and the headset is lighter.


      Oh what! That's a bummer…
      Is this the Mwave deal? There was a joining fee to get that deal, which would push the price up,iirc.
      Thanks for the tips!

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    The HTC Vive is amazing.

    A mate of mine had it on pre-order for months and when it finally got delivered I helped him build a new PC for it. We spent the entire weekend setting everything up and playing various games - the roomscale stuff is absolutely amazing if you've got the space to play. I liked it so much that I ordered one as soon as I could financially justify it to myself.

    I think I paid $1300 for it (and already had the computer which was capable).


      That's awesome to hear! Do you find it is immersive? Any peripheral rings?

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        It's incredibly immersive. I haven't experienced peripheral rings.

        If you get it, make sure you get Space Pirate Trainer and Beat Saber to start off with.

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    Not bad at all. Really wanna compare the two now somehow.

    I have not much room for any standing/room type VR but the seated style gaming I might be able to play.

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    Likewise. I've been refreshing ozbargain multiple times a day over for black friday sales just waiting for a sub $700 deal


    Ended up picking up the Oculus Rift. Price was too good.

    ~$455 after cashback. Vive is about double that at the moment…

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