Pixel 3 XL US Black Friday Deals

There's some pretty great black Friday deals on pixel 3, but alas they're US only:

Verizon: Black Friday at Verizon: Get $400 off Google Pixel 3, Samsung Galaxy S9, LG
V40 and more.


Is buying from the US and shipping here (e.g. myUS) a good idea?

1) is the phone the same? Bands etc.?
2) warranty in Aus?
3) ?

Thanks for your thoughts!




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      Thanks, but even adding GST would still be much cheaper than what's on offer in Aus, no?


        Maybe, but after shipping, what's the price difference between that and buying it when it is on sale here?

        Genuinely curious.


    i have exactly the same question. but didnt bother looking further for example checking bands compatibility etc.

    would rather wait for good sales and get it locally for warranty etc.
    but BOGO 50% is a sick deal especially for a new phone

    have a pixel 2 xl so am happy to wait a little


      sick indeed, but I think $400 off one, works out better!


    Very good question posed OP, wld love to know too!


      Thanks :)


    The offer is really great. However, for warranty you can contact directly to the brand.