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1/2 Price HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset $39.50 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


The HyperX Cloud Stinger headset is half price at JB HiFi. Now $39.50.

My kids use these for online gaming and chatting on Xbox. (Fortnite mostly)

They also work on PS and PC. Very comfy (even for my large head), and great sound. Also has a 'flip-to-mute' microphone. Great bang for buck at $80. Bargain at $40.

Free JB Hi-Fi $10 Voucher with an In-Store Purchase (Ask for Your Digital Receipt, Requires a JB Hi-Fi Online Account)

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    Thanks OP. Was just looking for something like this.

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    Yes. Thanks OP. Will pick up these for my son when he also plays Fortnite.

  • Actually available in a lot of locations unlike the alpha

    • Big Difference between the two?

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        aplha is vastly superior in everyway and with new technology.

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    these are an absolute steal for that price…. great sound/tough build quality for the kids.

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    Got a ready to collect SMS/email within 9 minutes of order!

  • Surround sound with PC?

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      Any stereo headphones will work for virtual surround such as Windows Sonic or Dolby Atmos for Headphones (although a specific virtual surround algorithm may not work for your ear shape but this is not a fault in the headphones).

      You can find an algorithm that works and use it by following this guide

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    Great price. Nice find OP.

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    Sold. Thanks OP, great Christmas present.

    edit: ready to collect within 5 mins of payment! These must be rolling out the door.

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    Thanks OP - picked up the Cloud Alpha too which were $84 (half price) but they seem to have vanished from the store now that i was about to post a link to them…

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      What the (profanity) man, I thought I had to wait till friday for the half price Cloud alpha's deal to start at JB, pretty annoying that they just entirely pulled the product from their website.

      You think there's still a chance if I went to JB tomorrow that they would be in stock and half off still?

      • Sorry I didn't check if they had any on shelf when I picked mine up. Doh!

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    Cheers OP, picked 2 as Christmas gifts. Ordered and ready to collect in less than 5 minutes.

  • For those that mentioned their kids are using these, would these be suitable for a 9 year old?

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  • yeah Cable not braided, bummer, would it be still child wear and tear resistant?

    • Fairly hardy

    • Use a coiled sound extention cable solves the problem. You have a coiled part that will soften most accidental tugs, you also have two additional break points, the extension cable connector which means headphones will last much longer until other parts break, like the earcups.

      Edit: Not sure if the mic is supported on extension cables.

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    Thank you OP. Now I can let killboy_69 know that I had an amorous encounter with his mother last night. And she loved it.

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      I wanted to but the line was too long..

      • I wanted to but she was too round.

        • That’s never stopped you before

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    Perfect, had a $30 voucher expiring in 3 weeks! Thank you~

  • will this work with PS4 as well

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    Are these suitable for a Playstation 4 Pro? These would be a great Xmas present for my son.

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      • Thanks :)

  • Got a HyperX before but the extension cord was not compatible with my Mac

    • I have a macbook pro 2013. Will it work with my macbook?

      • Not sure about this one, but my old HyperX can work with the short cable of the headset itself.

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    Thanks OP. Purchased!

  • Hornsby NSW has bountiful supplies. Scans at this price.

    • I live in hornsby too, nice to know where you live. Do they have the Cloud Alpha's

      • I didn't see any (didn't ask either), only Cloud II on the wall along with Flights and the others.

  • thanks i bought one, going to go pick it up at the nearest jb hi fi, to save myself $5

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    I counted about 10 units in stock or so at parramatta westfield as it closed

    • I was just 15 metres from the store a few hours ago….. Gonna order online I guess.

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    so what happened to the alpha, not even on their web site ???

    are other retailers doing the hyper x deals ??

    • All major pc stores will have hyperx sales confirmed by their tweet.

  • Just got a set for my son as gift for his coming birthday. How does it suit 6-8 year olds?

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      Yep. This one has a sliding headband adjustment on both sides, so they will work for small and large noggins.

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        Thanks, someone's gonna be happy soon. And reading all the reviews I thinking of grabbing another one for myself.

  • Wish the Flight (wireless) was on sale :(

    • It is

    • its half price lol

    • Wow, didn't realise it's normally $320! About $230 on staticice

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    I paid full price for these a while back and believe they were great value then. This is an absaloute steal! Very good headphones for gaming

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    House will be less noisy with these. Thank you!

  • I feel like buying one just to compare sound quality. At the moment, using microsoft HD cam microphone and ATH M50X for audio

    • I picked a pair up yesterday, I have a pair of ATH M50s (non-X) and I have to say, the audio on these aren't bad. Because they aren't as flat as the M50s they are better for listening rather than reference headphones and they are much lighter and less head clampy for long wearing sessions. The microphone is terrible on these however. My wife and I tested it on Discord against a few other things and even my Xiaomi Piston earbuds microphone sounds better than the HyperX Cloud Stinger mic…

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        what kind of sound quality did you hear from the mic? lots of echo/reverberations? muffled?

        • Mainly it just sounded extremely low quality. Kind of like when you take a 320kbs mp3 and convert it down to 96kbs. It sounds really tinny and hallow. I was referencing it against an Audio Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone and the Xiaomi Piston earbud built in mic. Echo cancellation and Noise Suppression were good due to that coming from software like Discord. It was mainly just the actual fidelity of sound the microphone is capable of capturing.

          Edit: You can check out a mic test here at 4:38

          Edit2: I'm not advocating for not purchasing the headphones btw. I'm just saying I was a bit surprised on the microphone quality but maybe I'm just spoiled by the AT2020. If you don't have any other headset or microphone available to you or you'd just like a different setup, these are an absolute steal! Will probably work better than your Microsoft HD cam microphone only because it's closer to your mouth if nothing else.

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            @DATApush3r: Yeah. That was what I considering. Because the cam is so far away, it sounds like I'm in a huge empty warehouse lol.

  • Do these work with Nintendo switch?

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      Yes, tested today on switch playing fortnite, they work perfectly.

  • use egift cards from racq for 4% off (unlike entertainment book you can buy in any denomination)

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    Not sure if I need it, just bought it. Magic OzB…

  • +1

    grabbed, picked up on way home
    used tonight to play some baldurs gate and wow..
    3 hours use, very comfy + nice sound. great deal, thanks !

  • Anybody has any idea how long is the offer for?

    • I think till sunday/stocks run out

  • any idea if these have better sound quality than the HyperX Cloud II?

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      Most unlikely as the cloud 2s are a higher model.

    • nope

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    Thanks OP! Bought and ready for C&C within like 2 mins in QLD

    youtube reviews and written reviews all seem to agree that these are great, and at 1/2 price, it's a no brainer for someone who wants a cheap pair

  • None of these at my local jb…

    said they transfered the last one to adelaide store yesterday.


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    Thanks, walkde into my local JB today and they had a couple on the shelf. Picked one up as a xmas gift for the nephew who is addicted to Fortnite on the iPad (on full volume of course).

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