Need Advice and Link to Purchase a Basic Guitar and Ukulele from eBay or Shop Online - Budget $50 Each

Need advice and link to purchase a basic guitar and ukulele from eBay or shop online.

Somewhere around $50 each I guess, if possible.




    Classical, acoustic or electric? I'd go gumtree for your price range.


    Varsing on eBay have some cheap Chinese ukuleles and guitars.

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    Ukulele - there's a basic Ashton UKE100 one you can pick up from your local music store for sub $30; JB HiFi have another generic branded one for $30 too

    Guitar - good luck with $50; you may be better off with a second hand one on gumtree for around $80


      The cheap one from JB hi-fi is crap, I bought one from a garage sale for $3 and even that is pushing it


    I'm a musician and play a few instruments, got some decent gear and have had some cheap stuff. I'm definitely not a music snob or anything and just play for fun but I would really recommend you pay a bit more for decent instruments, especially the guitar.

    I've bought cheap ebay instruments such as banjos and they are just not enjoyable to play and do not sound nice at all. If you are wanting to learn guitar (or whoever you are buying it for) then just get something half decent or it will not be a fun experience and you'll give up. If it is for a little kid then sure the cheap ones will do for now