Trip to Europe - Which Countries and Activities (Other than Historical Sites, Museum)

Hi all, First time to Europe for 15 nights.

Option A - Point 3 - 6 and 8 are suggestions from my friend who told me to drive but I prefer train (without EURail pass) or plane.
1. London (4 nights)
2. Paris (2 nights)
3. Interlaken (2 nights) - catch cable car to jungfrau?
5. Fussen (1 night) or better go to Munich?
6. Innsbruck (1 night)
7. Florence (2 night, day trip to Venice)
9. Rome (3 nights

Option B:
3. Fly to Berlin (2 nights) or Amsterdam ??
4. Train to Prague (1 night)
5. Train to Vienna (2 night)
6. Fly to Rome (4 night). Day trip to Florence and Venice??

Also we fly with teens (12, 15). Could you please suggest activities (no extreme sports) or places other than historical sites and museums? We have been to Disneyland (but not the one in Paris)


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    Too short of a time at each place and too many places. You're going to spend a good portion of your trip train-ing, bus-ing, Uber-ing to your hotel and back with bags. Keep in mind a lot of check-in times are in the afternoon and you'll have to deal with transporting luggage back and forth.

    Where are you departing from to go back to Australia?

    EDIT: Venice is the worst with transporting bags. You'll have to take a boat (obviously) not to mention cobblestones everywhere.

    • I fly back from Rome. Is uber reasonable price in Europe? is it better catach uber than buy 4 adults train tikects?

      Are there lockers in Train station?

      • Is uber reasonable price in Europe?

        Yes, but they aren't in many countries or are just a booking service for taxis. London, yes. There are a bunch of other services like Taxify as well. 4 people will usually better be off with a taxi/Uber in most places.

        Are there lockers in Train station?

        Yes, but can get pricey if you are renting out large ones x 4 people. Better to leave at the hotel.

        I fly back from Rome.

        Given you are leaving from Rome. I'd do London for a few days, then do Florence & Rome & maybe Venice (take a cheapo one way flight).

        It also depends on what you and your family like doing. So for example, Paris, you should the see Palace of Versailles. That's 1 full day. July is peak season so if you want to go to the Louvre, Orsay, or any other attraction there is always a security line which can take hours. Eiffel Tower security line is awful and that's not including the huge line you have to wait for tickets.

        • Thanks so much for the tips.

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    For me, it sounds like 'alot' of packing and unpacking; and moving from place to place, can consume a good chunk of your day.

    For 15 days, I would suggest visiting 4 cities at most - arriving in any city on day 1, getting your bearings, you will get to 'experience' and enjoy things once you 'know' what is around - plus you do not need to 'rush off' to the next city - if that makes any sense.

    The first few days, you will be hit with some serious jet lag - even when we fly right up front we get serious jetlag - but I guess it can help if you are willing to explore London at 4:00am in the morning, when there is hardly a soul around and you get to see the city - on its own glory without the people.

    • I fly from Sydney to Korea (stay 1 night), hopefully not too much jetlag when arrive in London.

  • I agree with what people say above, it seems like a lot. I'm hoping to go for a few months and even then I probably wouldn't visit as many cities as you're planning.

  • London to paris catch the eurostar or ferry what is worth the time you spend on and your teens will love.

    London: tower london, greenwich village , trafalgar square, hampton court palace are pretty interesting and try fish and chips.

    Paris: le louvre, champs elysee, champs de mars and eiffel tower will be a great walk and a nice way to discover the city . Avoid dysneyland it s not really fun for teens and in france the best place to eat are often bistro (big portions of food for a small price and tasty)

    Interlaken, fussen and insbruck are great if you just like nature but not sure your kids will love it and i think you will be too tired to even appreciate ( recommended to do that before the big city)

    As for italy it s a lot of art, architecture and one day in each is quite tiring and you will be totally sick. You re better 2 days in rome and then florence (2 days ) and then venice as you will feel more relax and will appreciate more the beauty of what you see instead of rushing through street to just get where you think it s worth to be.

    Europe is beautifull with a daytime life and a nightime life. Taking time to walk through street and you will see architecture back from thousand year. Each country have their own specialities to try and you will also meet different people who can give you a warm welcome or a cold one. Your kids will learn more through your 15 days there than all the years they spent in a classroom . Enjoy

    • Thanks so much for a lot of idea. I wish I can stay longer.

      But I fly back from Rome. Should I fly to Florence (2 days and day trip to Venice) then catch train to Rome (2 days)?

  • Rome2Rio is your friend

    Definitely option B, cut Vienna & Venice. All places listed are worth visiting, but trick is to not get stuck in transit/box ticking the whole time and enjoy it!

    Can always go back.

    • Definitely option B, cut Vienna & Venice

      I'd actually put Venice on the list given it may not be there or at least not in its present state due to the water level rising.

      • Yeah unlikely in our lifetime, same beat up as Maldives.

        Given the tourism dollars they both bring in solutions will be found.

  • Between Paris and Rome I'd spend the time just chilling in Tuscany. Hire a stay in the countryside, possibly with a pool; do some full day trips to the bigger places (Florence (2 days), Pisa, etc), shorter day trips to the small towns, retire to views of the Tuscan Hills while sipping a drink in the afternoon.

  • If you are already going to main cities, Fussen over Munich. I just got back from there and it was so beautiful in the scenic way. But might be hard if you don't drive, unless you go for a tour. We spent 8 days driving around Germany and it was the best part of our trip.

    • Do you mean it worth to see Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen?

      • Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most amazing things to see. Well worth going. The whole area is nice and there is a great cheese shop on the way (Käsehaus in Halblech). If you want to go into the castle, you'll need to buy a ticket in which a time will be allocated to you usually a couple hours ahead of time.

        You really need a car for that part of Germany though.

      • The castle looks very nice, but I didn't go in as I am not interested in these things. The scenery on the drive is seriously breathtaking. We also went to the lakes around the area and it was very nice. Clear waters, very zen

  • You mentioned LEGOland & Disneyland - Denmark is the home of LEGO & has a LEGOland, also Copenhagen has Tivoli which is awesome & apparently the inspiration for Disneyland. I know Denmark isn’t on your list, just throwing that in. I agree with others that I’d want to spend more time in places & less time travelling.

    • I was thinking to fly to Denmark to visit LegoLand but looks like most of the rides are suited to younger kids. I will check Tivoli, never heard of it. Thanks for the tips

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