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    [NOT associated] Recently purchased a bicycle from these guys and can vouch for them 100%. From my research I believe they basically copy 'big name' brands and put the money saved on r&d into putting higher spec, quality components on the bikes. frame was very well made and had the specs of a bike double it's price within its category. bike came within 1 day of ordering and I had to return the bike because of sizing (my own fault thought I'd go a size too high) which they very promptly organised to have the bike picked up and refunded under their '14 day free test ride'. The bike I got was almost faultless, only complaint was the hand grips and pedals which are both easily and cheaply replaced. Definitely consider buying through these guys if you're in the market for a bike


      Hi Squeeze, can I ask what bike you purchased and what size it was?
      Also how tall are you?


    hey, i got the polygon heist in a medium when I'm actually a small. if i had of followed the sites recommendation i would have been fine but thought i knew better based on dodgy bike advice from a different store in melbourne


    Just to add my recent experience:
    Brought a drop bar bike, and have had a fair bit of trouble with it. Front brake wasn't installed correctly and then found out the rotor was also out of true (which they have offered to replace). Stem size was also not what was indicated would be supplied, and took days before they told me actually they meant to supply that length. Assembly page also refers to tools that are not supplied, so be aware that the website may be out of date.
    Sure the bikes are good value for the components, but the 'pro build' quality wasn't up to standard. I'll happily be told I am an outlier, but probably won't purchase from them again. Just my $0.02.