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Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Body $2999, Canon EOS R Body $2699 @ Camera House


Plus lots of % off discount, but these are probably some of the biggest discounts.

EOS 5D IV Body

EOS R Body

Lens kits on body cameras also discounted!

Discounts also on 24-70L, 70-200L. 16% off most Nikon, Sony, Olympus (some exclusions)

Edit - full list of deals

(am not a formal rep, just store employee, but rep tagged for transparency)

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    Surprisingy good deal for the 5D. I assume all stock is Canon AU and not grey import OP?

    • +3 votes

      Yes absolutely, all Aus stock, full warranties etc apply, as well as MFR cashbacks etc where they apply.


        Dont think any cashbacks apply for 5DIV

        As good as the deal is, it just doesn't quite measure up to other black friday sales; for instance, OZ Digital Online (AU stock, std AUS warranty) with Ebay 15% discount capped at 250 = $2831. If your boys see this comment and can beat that, I'll buy it tomorrow in store at Ringwood.Id be interested bundling with 16-35mm f4L landscape lens

        Have been watching this for a few months now and it seems like the opportune sale time to buy

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          Unfortunately as most keen ozb'ers know eBay deals usually throw things into unmatchable territory, since eBay themselves are footing a good part of the discount.

          Have a chat to the Ringwood store directly if you like, but without eBay throwing a bit of money at us it's quite unlikely to happen sorry.

          It's worth noting of course that without the eBay deals our price is otherwise better.


            @mattman: Thats right. But thats also Ebay raising minimum purchase price to $150 and cappping discount at $250…

            After various cashbacks via 3rd party, looks like there's a $160 difference overall betwenen your business and the ebay seller I mentioned (2.8% cash rewards at your store vs 1% on ebay). so a slight correction above…best price is $2800 and change.

            Wont hold off to talk to someone tomorrow if I get told no…as I'd miss out on the sale price tonight. Perhaps the better question is to work out which store you represent as an employee and if your store could do that price? If the answer is no as I assume from above; the decision becomes easier? :)


              @ro0sta: I can't do it at my store, no.

              Also as others have noted, I would triple check warranty. Looking at their listings "equivalent to 1 year manufacturer warranty" is probably not Australian stock by the usual definition. Canon Aus is also 2 yr warranty with Canon AU.


          OZ Digital ain't genuine AU stock.


            @Panda Bear: Have you bought from them mate? In the past have they supplied travel adapters for overseas power cables?

            No sure how then they would work out the AUS Canon warranty if the camer is a grey….


              @ro0sta: I can tell you 100% the they sell grey imports but are a reputable seller.

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                  @ro0sta: Welcome bud. At $2999 for local stock that would be the cheapest I have ever seen. Also as other OZB members indicated to me it's worth looking into the Sony A Series if your not heavily invested into Canon glass..


                    @Panda Bear: sadly, I am…have 6 L series lens over the last 7 years. Must say though; I am happy with what my EOS and its lenses have produced over the years…but yearning for a full frame camera so I can make use of my lenses for the landscape photos I've been taking that cant quite capture the full scene (in some circumstances)


                      @ro0sta: If it's not wide enough is there anything stopping you from making panoramas with multiple shots? I'm asking because I'm thinking of messing around with this myself.

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