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Cheap Beer and Cider packs at Woolworths Liquor East Burwood $10 (VIC ONLY)


Clearance on these variety boxes which were $20

The beer one has one of the following:
Dry Dock
James Boags Premium Lager
XXXX Summer Ale
Coopers Pale Ale

The cider one has:
Strongbow Clear
Tooheys 5 Seeds
and two others I can't remember

There wasn't many left of the cider ones, but there's stacks of the beer ones.

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  • i want that cider pack! only bad thing is it has strongbow clear which is gross.

  • Looks like the Cider package contains:
    Strongbow clear
    Little Creatures Pipsqueak
    Tooheys extra dry 5 seeds
    3 oaks (apple & pear)
    Monteith's (apple)

    All in all, pretty good value for $10

  • -2

    i wouldnt pay anymore than $10 for it anyway. should be the normal price.

  • That's a bargain for the cider pack! If it was in Queensland I'd go and buy 4 of them. Price of a carton for a good selection of ciders.

  • BWS in Redcliffe had the cider packs for $10

  • Do we know it isn't in WA? or elsewhere?

  • also at Dan Murphy's in Doncaster - picked up 4 boxes of the cider packs. Was $12.90 the weekend before (I bought one then because it retails for $19.90).

    Note that the 5 Seeds expired on the 26 March and there's something that expires July, Oct and December this year. The others are in July 2012.

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