Electric Scooter Buying Guide for Daily commute

Hi all,

I'm starting to look at an electric scooter for my commute to and from work. I work in Pyrmont, so I can catch the bus in the morning from townhall, but thinking of getting a scooter instead. So the walk is 1.4km to where I work.

Given this info, what should I be looking at when I buy a electric scooter. Safety is paramount, as is a battery that won't be worn down (too much) over a few years. I see that OzBargain had some scooters for $600 over the past few months. When I google it I've seen some in the $2000 range as well. I don't mind the $600 mark. It's probably cheaper and less sweaty than getting the lime bikes.

The other option is to wait for Lime or some other provider to drop scooters, but this might be a while away and is most likely going to cost me more than $600 over a year (2x$1 x 5 x 52 = $520).

So basically my question is:
1. What to look for when buying a scooter?
2. Any recommendations given a 1km daily commute. I could probably charge it at work so ignore any power costs.


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