Leasing a House - I Don't Have Previous Rental History

I am leasing my first house in Sydney. Earlier I was living in shared house and paying rent in cash.

How can I show my rental history ? I have no receipts.



    You don't 'have' to supply rental history unless your suss

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    Just get your mates to play the landlord. I always use my sim 2 number on cv,'s etc. I have always given glowing endorsements of myself.


    1st rental I didn’t need to provide it.

    They did contact my workplace for a reference though.

    Everything worked out ok in that sense. Fixing issues was another thing entirely…stand your ground.

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    Maybe go for small unit or bedsitter as first rental. Then try for house later on once you have rental history .
    Also could try private rental, rather than real estates. Make sure you make a good first impression with the home owner. This option might be similar to getting a job with no experience or references ie. Need to get in super quick, or someone else will be given it. Anything rented privately that is a good place and good value, will likely not last long before someone snaps it up.

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    This might be overkill but this is what I did (we really wanted the place we are still renting) and we had no history cause living with parents….
    1. Wrote a cover letter introducing ourselves to the landlord
    2. Had the application filled out to give to real estate agent
    3. Letter of character reference from Boss
    4. I offered to pay half a year up front in advance.

    Hope you get it.


      Looks like a good idea but I am not in position to pay for half year in advance.


        Still give 1-3 a go, I was told it gives a good impression, so if it's between a couple of people and you stand out as being responsible it does help. =)

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