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[PC] Fallout 76 - $35.59 @ CD Keys


Mediocre game by all accounts, now available for less than half the original price!

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    Having played nearly ten hours of this game, I'm afraid I can't recommend it in any way. A handful of inter-mixed systems that provide mediocre, repetitive game-play all so that Bethesda can claim an 'infinite number of quests.' It's everything that was bad about Fallout 4 with none of the stuff that was good. The netcode is barely functional, the story is barely there, the community does their best to try and make fun from the systems but… it's a struggle.

    I'd maybe recommend it if it was $10, but even then it would be a struggle. Definitely not for $35, certainly not for $70.

    A bloody complete and utter disappointment, this game.

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      I don't feel sorry for you at all. If you were smart enough you would have not purchased the game in the first place. This game smelled bad before it even got released.

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        But harsh. Just giving their opinion and experience which is what we look for here on ozb when buying stuff. No need to have a go.

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        I didn't purchase the game, I played a friend's copy on their computer. My friend knew it would be shit but is a Fallout ultra fanboy, so still probably will find some entertainment in it. Don't know why you feel the need to tell me how little you feel sorry for me when at no point did I seek pity.

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    lol 50% off after being out 11 days

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      According to game sales rankings Fallout 76 was almost the number one game that people bought (so I guess we know that game sales rankings are irrelevant now).

      • They are handing out refunds to PC players I believe

        • How do i get my refund? Purchased through Amazon and it’s pretty poor.

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            @fury: Not entirely sure but I believe there is are multiple threads on the fallout subreddit

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    Wow, considering the amount of marketing spent on this, I wonder if they'll break even…

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    Played about 40 hours on this so far and loving it, play with the missus wand we are having a blast so each to their own.

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      similar, I just had the ''play 24 hours'' achievement pop up recently.. been playing on PC, 3-5 hours every night since launch with a mate online and we've had a ball of fun. Had a couple of crashes so far (but I'm still running windows 7 so might be my PC).

      I wouldn't recommend at full RRP, but if you enjoyed Fallout 4 then this is more of the same in a different setting. No NPCs to ''interact'' (read: click on them and select from pre-defined scripts.. which mostly give you the same outcome regardlass) with, but there is lots of story there if you bother reading the notes and listening to the holotapes.

      • No NPCs to ''interact'' (read: click on them and select from pre-defined scripts.. which mostly give you the same outcome regardlass) with

        So… do you expect the dialogue to be generated in real time? Just the way you call out scripting in a video game sticks out to me, as if you're reaching a bit to bring other games like Fallout 4 down to 76's level.

        • He's saying you can't even talk to people, just that even the simple act of choosing options to respond with isn't available.

          • @MeateaW: Yeah, the first part of what I quoted (No NPCs to interact with) said that. If that was what they were trying to say, they would have left it at that. The rest of what I quoted (in parenthesis) suggests that other Fallout games don't have "authentic" interaction anyway.

    • I'm playing with my wife also, I wouldn't recommend it for most people, but we are both fallout 3/4/NV fans, and this is basically more fallout 4.

      Lots of people hated fallout 4, if that was you, you'll hate this. If not, go read up on this before pulling the trigger to make sure you won't hate it.

    • Maybe its the Co-op that makes it more worth while. Some games are better when grouped— I kinda feel like both Destiny 2 and Diablo 3 is like that. OK on their own but SUPER fun with a friend or partner.

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    Still too much for a poor quality cash grab.

  • how could this get teared apart by some users and then you have a few that absolutely enjoy the experience?

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      Because the ones who enjoy it enjoy it because of their friends but don't seem to realize it.

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        Have been playing Solo like I would any other Fallout game and having a blast.

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          Well you just love yourself then and I think that's fantastic.

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      People enjoy different things. I don't like Pokemon, other people think it's the greatest game of all time.

      I think people can mostly agree that Fallout 76 is a poor game technically but so was Fallout 4 and I adored playing that.

      What I don't get is Bethesda has access to some of the worlds greatest game engines like Idtech 6 and they persist with this stupid thing that they have with Fallout. It would be a massive amount of work adapting and adding to idtech to make a Fallout game but persisting with things as they are seems crazy.

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      Even gamers have their Bonnie Doon. How's the serenity.

    • It might be because people are individuals and not everyone likes the same things?

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    My son who's a fallout fan was hesitant to buy this after hearing the reviews and didn't even play the beta but already had it on preorder. None of his friends have it because of the negative reviews on the net. Despite this, he still got it and loves it. All in all, don't believe everything you hear.

    • lol sureeee

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      He can enjoy it, but it doesn't make it a good game. I've been playing it and enjoy it despite all of it's massive flaws (mostly because I'm playing it with my wife), but there're no denying that it is objectively a broken, buggy mess that won't hold interest long-term. If I hadn't got the PA edition because I'm a sucker for useless junk, I'd have cancelled my pre-order and rightly so.

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      I enjoyed all Adam Sandler movies that came out the last 5 years but it does not mean they are good

    • agreed.. different people like different things.. persoanlly I've never understood the attraction to the Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid series - I think they are utterly boring and I've given them many tries with each release.

  • $35 for a buggy mod with poor performance…

  • An extra $1.07 with code : CDKDEAL3

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      If this game cost $1.09 AUD after using the discount code, then I may consider.

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        Meh, I'm buying for a die hard Fallout fan for Christmas, i nearly bought it for $55 the other day, doesn't worry me if its crap, my Secret Santa duties are fulfilled.

        • It will be free to play by Christmas :P

          • @virtual81: I wonder if i could get away with spending $0 on Secret Santa ($50 max). I would then become a true Ozbargainer

  • I would $10 for this game nothing more. it won't be long at this rate

  • Fallout 1 & 2 are still the best Fallout games ever.

    Then Bethesda ruined it with the Oblivion with guns aka Fallout 3.

    All for the sake so that console gamers can enjoy Fallout.

    PC Master Race still rules by all accounts.

  • hahaha half price already…. after less than 2 weeks from release ;).
    (must be selling like hotcakes ;))

    At $10, I may donate to the lost cause…. but not a penny more.