Recommended Wireless 802.11 AC Adapter?

I have a Xiaomi Miwifi 3G router which is rated at 867Mbps for AC 5G connection. I am using Edimax EW-7822ULC adapter which is also rated at 867Mbps for 5G AC connection.

But when I am transferring files within the LAN (from a PC connected to the router with a LAN Cable to another connected using the Edimax EW-7822ULC on 5G) I am only getting about 7MB/s.

What could be the problem here? Any recommendation to fix this?

Is this any good?



    You're getting 7 megabytes per second? Or 7 megabits (~700 kilobytes per second). Have you checked using something like for free channels? says your router is okay.

    How can your adapter be 867 megabit if it's only USB 2? (

    Just go for a namebrand adapter - TP Link possibly, make sure it's USB 3.


    put them next to each other and try again.


    Also, you might be able to buy an m.2 wireless adapter and put it inside your computer. I'll need to check the specs if the other comouter though, what are you transferring the files too?


    Ohhh.. I thought u were after a power adapter that was wireless ;p lol

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    Xiaomi Miwifi 3G router which is rated at 867Mbps for AC 5G

    That number is just theoretical only, all the manufacturers will tell you the combined throughput of the wireless router for both Wireless 2.4ghz and 5ghz, reality is it can only push a certain amount of bandwidth to each device on each frequency.

    It won't be the full 867mbps. It could be something like 267mbs speeds on the 2.4ghz network and 600mbs on the 5ghz frequencies. Manufacturer adds these two numbers up and voila: you can claim you have a 800Mbps router when it kinda isn't…

    If you're connecting on 5ghz Wifi, remember that higher frequency wifi tends to be easily absorbed by walls and other obstructions, so as long as you're maintaining line of sight, you'll have good speeds but once you move to a different floor the speeds drastically decrease.