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Philips Hue White Bayonet Cap (B22) Dimmable LED Smart Bulb $17.90 + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $49 Spend) @ Amazon AU


This was $25 yesterday and normally hovers around $30 on Amazon.

Philips Hue White Edison Screw (E27) - $19.90

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    So these can be used on a light switch with a dimmer?

    Does it matter if it's leading or trailing edge?

    • You need to dim them with an app (must have the Hue hub too), or one of the Philips Hue dimmable switches. If you put them on a fitting with a normal dimmer in the circuit, they could misbehave, flicker, and even wear out early. If doing so, you must keep the dimmer turned up fully bright.

    • No you can't use dimmer on any smart lights. They need the app or external dimmer switch suited

      • No you can't use dimmer on any smart lights.

        That's not very clear on the link though.

  • normally hovers around $30 on Amazon.

    Or $24 at Officeworks..

    • Does Officeworks price match Amazon?

      • Should do

      • They will price match including delivery cost

  • I never understood whether you needed the bridge or not just to turn these on or off with your mobile.

    • I’m pretty sure you do (though I’m pretty new to this stuff). We use an Echo plus at home as a bridge (currently $99 with a free globe).

    • Yeah you do need the bridge. I prefer yeelights, they connect directly to your WiFi.

      • Convoluted IP addresses

        • Dude, of all the things to complain about, that one is pushing it :) The hue bridge has an IP address too, but like the yeelights you don't need to know it unless you are setting up homeassistant or something.

          • -1

            @CaffeinatedTech: Talk to me about this stuff once you master

            • @tempura: You're annoying me now. What exactly is your point? The guy was asking about using his phone to control them and you leapt on me with a downvote and half-arsed complaint about me preferring yeelights.

              I've run homeassistant in the past, I've run a few different home automation tools and have settled on domoticz. I'm no master, but I can get what I need set up without problems. The IP address of the lights is the least of my concerns because I can force them with my router.

              If you prefer hue lights, then great; say that! Don't start shit with me for liking something else…

    • You need atleasr one hub. Philips hub will give alot more features then echo plus.

    • You dont need the bridge if u have the philips hue white( as this version is just white and dimmable) however you cant use this through the app.
      You can buy a kit that comes with a Hue Dimmer Switch and a Hue White bulb for $47 at bunnings(, and it’s as easy as screwing in the light bulb, turning it on at the main switch, pulling the battery tab out of the remote, and instantly being able to control the light. It literally takes 30 seconds to set it up.

      Through the Dimmer Switch you can control (dimmable, on/off) up to 10 bulbs (since they are philips hue white) without a philips hue bridge but be aware you cant control the bulbs through the app

      Hope I helped

    • And sort of compatible to the IKEA TRÅDFRI system as well. I just linked the TRÅDFRI remote to control my Hue lights it works well.
      AFAIK Ikea is going to release a range of smart lights very soon and they all ZigBee compatible.

  • do these work with mi home gateway?

    • These bulbs use Zigbee (wireless protocol), which is its own thing. You need the Hue Hub to coordinate them. If you get the pack with a dimmer, then you can use them together without a hub, though I don't see the point in that. you can use a number of bulbs with one dimmer though (I think up to 10 or something).

      edit…sorry. You're asking if your Mi Zigbee implementation will work with Hue…from what I can tell, it might not talk to your Hue bulbs. It would be interesting to try though. You'd think somebody would come up with a hack to do so.

  • Thanks OP…grabbing a couple of more of these,

  • I got this yesterday at $23.10 less OW 5% price beat comparing with Bunnings.

    Managed to get Hue bridge and 2 globes individually ($111.44), cheaper than the starter kit. Starter kits only had E27 Screw whereas I needed B22 bayonet.

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    Seems like a good price, but these don’t seem to produce a lot of light output - only 806 lumens apparently.

    I don’t really understand why there aren’t more options in terms of output. Standard LED globes come in various output levels, why can’t smart globes? Seems it’s either take 800 lumens or leave it.

    Or am I mistaken?

    • +1

      You can get the lifx if you need more light but these are good enough for most areas

      • Do you know if the Ambiance globes would offer more light? I know their similar output but not sure if it's worth the extra $10 in the hope of getting a bit more brightness

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    Nice finding op
    Use ShopBack to give 10% cashback

    • They seem more unreliable than Cashrewards. Not worth the few cents from a 2% drop

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