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Fujifilm XF 27mm F2.8 $169.95 ($69.95 with Cashback, Free Shipping with ClubTed) @ Ted's Camera


I noticed that the price for this lens at Ted's dropped down $30 since it was last posted. Not quite as good as the deal at Camera Pro earlier but it's only $70 shipped after cashback vs $60 shipped from Camera Pro (which has expired) so not much more. The Fuji cashback is still available until early next year. Still a really good price for such a nice lens.

Shipping is $10 or free if you join ClubTed, which doesn't cost anything.

Link to Fujifilm Cashback Promotion

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    picked one up on friday

    unbelievable lens for the price, this is the second one i've owned (wont be letting go of this one for a while). Great street lens and perfect on a smaller fuji XF body

    • +1

      Gonna pick up
      Mine today.

    • What fuji body do you shoot with?

      • currently, X-e2. Previously ive owned the Xt-1 and x-pro1

        Eventually i will upgrade to a newer body, maybe the x-e3 but not until used body prices drop

  • Ted's 15% off is on eBay. So you can combine with gift cards and existing codes to make it even cheaper


    • only 5% off. couldnt find 15% off

      • PACKAGE15 .. if you're buying other stuff too

        • the code doesn't apply to the body? X-t20?

  • Is this lens compatible with the Fuji XE1?

    • yes, and pairs excellently

    • yep, you can use any lens in the XF lens range

  • can't combine with tedsclub $10 off first purchase :(

  • Is this good for low light?

    • good is subjective.

      at a higher iso maybe?, 2.8 apeture will let a fair amount of light in. It'll probably come down to how steady your hand is and shutter times. Low light id rather have an A7s

      Dont expect to be shooting night sports handheld with the lens

  • Lol. Missed one last night but bought this one. Impulse buying or is it really good quality than 18-55mm 2.8-4?

    • $70 for this level of engineering and quality in a small lens is amazing.

      Better than the 18-55? YMMV, depends how you like to shoot. a 27mm 2.8 prime is going to give you a very different shooting experience

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        I was reading good things about Fuji 18-55mm Kit lens. I order X-E3 yesterday with this kit lens and now thinking about selling it and getting 18mm F1.4 as an all rounder lens for my europe trip next year. Any thoughts?

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          18-55mm is a good lens with OIS. I have the 27mm, 18-55mm and 35mm f2 (I have the X-T20). 35mm f2 is a really good prime lens. 18mm is too wide for portraits.

          • @TheMatrix: How is F2 in low light performance both indoor and outdoor?

            • @DisabledUser227884: I just used it to shoot my son's school concert tonight. With the help of the stage light and up the ISO a bit, I got reasonable images. It lock focus quite quick (faster than the 27mm, and the 18-55mm) and gets quite nice bokeh when shooting portrait.

        • Keep the kit lens for travel. It's a brilliant lens vs weight and IQ.

          I have number of lenses including the 16-55 f2.8 but find myself using the kit lens more often than not on the Xt20 body

          • @pegasusx: Hey. I appreciate this feedback on this lens. I was thinking about using it a bit here in Melbourne and see if I can achieve what I am willing to but the issue is I can't compare it with any other lens as I don't own a prime yet.

            • @DisabledUser227884: Rent or borrow from a friend before selling that good lense!
              You cannot sell anything at a good price until almost late January when the sales wear off and promotions end.
              Plenty of time to revise your decision.
              But anyway, I would keep the 18-55 and 'add' lens instead of replacing it.

  • Damn bought one few weeks ago for $20 more. Do you know if they can refund the difference? Has anyone had any experience like this?


    • Chatting with agent, will let you know the outcome

      • I too just bought 1.5 weeks ago