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Hi guys,
I have a small business and we uses AusPost. Because we are small, we do not send enough parcels to get the volume discount. I'm sure there are other small businesses out there that are in the same situation. What if we all use the same account? This would turbocharge the volume and everyone would get the discount.
What do you think? Would you be comfortable with sharing your shipping info with other people? It doesn't have to be a business, it could be an individual, we just need the numbers to get the volume.
ps. Ignore the implications that AusPost might not be happy with this.

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  • Are you privy to the shipping information of other business' customers under this arrangement? There might be privacy issues here - for example, what stops a spam marketing company from signing up with you, and then using the addresses to send spam material to all of your customers?

    • Agreed, from a customer's perspective if I knew this business was sharing my details with other businesses I would not engage with them. (Though this is probably common thing happening)

    • I was thinking of setting up an API feeds into AusPost system. You just enter your parcel details, the system returns the cost and the postage label is email to you. No one gets to see anyone's info.

      • I don't know enough about your proposed system to comment, but presumably there will be one party in charge of the account who'll have access to the details (even if it will be by way of physically asking AusPost). I presume that would have to exist, for example to resolve lost parcels, etc, because Auspost will only have one customer on their system (because it's the account).

        I guess if you are that party in charge, you'll need to find other businesses who're happy with (or don't care) that you could access their posting details.

  • You would have one main account that is solely responsible for all fees and charges. Under that there are sub accounts that can be created. all the accounts together make up the annual volume. There is more to this but that is the basics.

  • Depends what data others can see about what I send but I would probably be up for it if I sent enough packages that it could make a difference.

    • As per above, I want it to be an API feeds so no one get to see anyone's details. And there would be no sign up, just put your parcel details, pay for the postage and that's it.

  • They could send drugs.

    • No, they won't. You need to pay with a credit card. Drug dealers make enough profit to go to AusPost and pay cash for the parcel.

  • Try using sendle as you get volume discounts straight away then more after that and the courier chases you.

    • Sendle is not that great. You can't request the courier to come the same day and there's a list of suburbs that they can pick up from. The coverage is not wide as AusPost

  • What state are you in?

  • Do you mean eParcel account??

  • Who would be liable? You would need to draft an agreement for obligations etc…