iPhone 8 Plus Lost and Reported to Police

On Tuesday, 20 November, my friend lost her iPhone 8 Plus (Space Gray) at Sunshine (Melbourne) Big W.

The person who stole it turned the phone off a few minutes later.

We tried Find My iPhone after an hour and we could locate the iPhone, and reported to the police.

I don't know what else to do, the police said they will follow up on it but I don't know if they will.

Where Find My iPhone located

Google Maps

Is there anything I can do? Any suggestions or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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    Wipe the device remotely! Nothing else you can do unfortunately. It will most likely be taken to a chop shop and have its logic board swapped over which is pretty easy to do.


    Not sure if it work in australia but apple or your telco provider should be able to make it totally unusefull for whoever have it.


      icloud will locked it and make it useless anywhere it the world. Can take it apart for parts though.


        wonder how does that work if phone is not connected to internet


          Phunky - If the device is not connected it won't be sent to the device until it's connected to the internet which is kinda silly since if someone steals your phone, they won't be able to connect to Wifi and they'd be able to enable airplane mode.


          The police or possibly only federal police might be able to triangulate the phone's location if it attempts to connect to the cell towers.

          Good luck on locating the device!


      Thank you, will do that.

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    Contents insurance claim?

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    Go in person to the police station local to where the App places it, that might maximise the chances someone might help you out then and there.

    Otherwise, bikies? (Or if you're very daring, try and track it down yourself but that's a bad idea for many reasons).

    Or just wipe it, report it stolen to Apple/your carrier so they can brick it, and claim on home and contents insurance.


      I have reported it to the police in person, and also called them today to see if they've followed up. Unfortunately, no good news as of now.

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      Its Sunshine, aka Beirut. Highly recommended not to approach the location.

      This place makes Penrith look like Paradise.


    Call up your phone company and tell them to block the devices IMEI number. This will make the phone calling function useless and make sure that it can't be used with other sims. This also makes it hard to sell. But if you disable the IMEI you won't be able to locate the device using Find My iPhone.


    Contact the shopping center and ask to see the CCTV footage or contact the police and ask them to do it. You may not be able to due to privacy or legal reasons.
    After that, the Police might have an idea on who stole.

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