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[OzBargain12] GearBest 12 Deals: Xiaomi Window Door Sensor US $6.70 (~AU $9.40), Christmas Elf Toy US $1.99 (~AU $2.80) + More

Happy 12th Birthday OZBargain! Here's the contribution from Gearbest!

We are very proud to have chance to be a part of that and working hard to win trust with this community.

Hence,we especially prepare 12 deals for the community,and more deals will be added to this post during OZBargain,for further information or question,pls just comment below this post,I will check here and reply you.

I know there may still some ozbargainers that have unhappy experience with us and afraid of trusting us again,I am here not only dedicated in providing ozbargainers best deals,but offer ozbargainers better service. Pls feel free to PM Gearbest store rep on OZBargain for priority support.

Since there is one post for the whole event, you may want to use the reminder feature on OzBargain, this can be found just below the table, and you can set this to remind you each day.

For more good deals,please refer to the Christmas Gift Deals

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Deals for OzBargain's 12th Birthday

Day 3 - 30/11/18
Day 2 - 29/11/18
Day 1 - 28/11/18

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  • Thanks OP

  • At least two items just give an error message, does that mean they're sold out?

    • Can you send me the code ?

      • The microSD card and the string light below it give the message "Oops! Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found."

        • Thank you for your feedback,I have updated the link,please try again.

    • Page not found for some but if you search the website for the item you will find it

      • Thank you for your feedback,I have updated the link.

  • Request….

    And amazfit bip


  • +1

    Thanks OP - ordered one of the door sensors.

    • Cheers!

  • +4

    You should put the price in AUD as we pay mainly in aud here.

    • Thank you for your suggestion ,I will try to add AUD price for reference in my next post.

  • +1

    Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart LED Ball Lamp - FAQ section says works with Amazon Alexa. Can you please confirm and explain further OP? thanks!

    • Yes, this would be good to know. I have some of these bulbs and none have ever shown in Alexa

    • Hi ykwon10,Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart LED Ball Lamp works with Amazon Alexa.Feel free to let me know if you need further help.

  • +2

    Seems like the door sensors are sold out. Does the deal start at 9AM or 9PM? If it is 9AM, might seem a bit late to post now.

    • Hi ,yes ,the coupon AUOZB1207 has been used up.-_-||

  • What about mi8 6GB 128GB global edition Blue, was us $365 in black friday/cyber Monday. Possible to repeat

    • Hi regenade,I'm sorry that we can not run a deal for Mi8 currently due to stock availability.
      Mi 8 Lite 4G + 128GB version is on flash sale for $259.99 if you would like to consider,grab it here https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009198308846.html?wi...

      • Hi Rep,
        Can you at least do free expedited shipping for Mi8 Global 6GB+128GB Black?

  • +1

    same AUOZB1216 Ozbargained

  • This coupon has reached its maximum limit. :(

  • Where do you add the code? Can't see it at the checkout

  • +1

    Used up code for the door sensors? I was waiting for 9pm and now that I got back there's none :(

  • -1

    Tree man seems to cost $4.38 with code which includes delivery, and you'd probably have to add GST on top of that.

  • +2

    Would not deal with GearBest ever again. Bought items using PayPal, address was selected during checkout, then once paid, GearBest used an old address to ship items to. I raised dispute, GearBest contacted me and said they cannot do anything whilst dispute is open, so please close it in PayPal and they will refund or re-send. Heard nothing back so contacted GB again, they said there’s nothing they can do and offered a couple of points credit to my account. Can’t re-open dispute with PayPal either. GearBest, you are scammers. You used my good faith in you against me. Buyers beware!!!

    • I raised dispute,

      I always contact seller first until really no resolution before I do that.

      • I did contact them first, their customer service said they would be in touch within 48hrs, by that time, item was posted to wrong address and they said it was to late. Had no choice but to raise a PayPal dispute

    • I had a similar issue where they failed to deliver a product. With no remorse, they simply say it's not their responsibility.

      They really are scammers.

    • Hi ,can you PM me your order number for better confirming? I will try my best to sort it out for you.

      • I have PM’ed you with the order number. I note that all correspondence relating to that order has gone ‘missing’ when I log in to GB account…hmmmm? Hope you can help

  • AUOZB1207 door sensor is maxed out, AUOZB1208 temperature sensor is a joke, saves 60c cents off full price.

  • Ordered an amazfit like more than 2 weeks ago already and still not yet shipped, tsk tsk.

  • +1

    700 clicks. 20 in stock. Insufficient quantity IMHO

  • Hi rep Any deal on aqara s2 door lock? Aliexpress had them for about $370 delivered

  • +1

    There is also shipping cost which is not mentioned so I have to neg it.

    • And the fact that these guys are the worst in terms of failing to deliver products and failing to refund.

      However, these just make it into my policy of "never give gearbest more than $10 in one transaction.

  • +1

    Doh codes for Xiaomi Aqara Window Door Sensor all used up 😭
    Was going to buy 2.

  • +2

    Put up a pity 20 each item that gets sold out inside first 10min and calls it a deal. Not even 20 large ticket items. 20 light bulb. What a waste of time

  • Coupons for the sdcard seems to have been used up.

  • Most of the coupon has been used up :(

    • Hi Year,yes the coupon run out so quickly.I will update the post. There will be Day 2 special released today.
      Keep an eye on it to grab one.(^▽^)

  • Hey rep, any chance we can get more codes for the Xioami Aqara Window Door sensor? Was looking to buy 2.

    • Hi Ocinod,I'm sorry that we can not add more times temporarily.
      I will keep it in mind and release it in my new post when we can run the special price again.
      You are welcome to subscribe Gearbest on OZB to keep an eye on it.

      • More coupon for zhirui LED ball lamp pls

      • Thanks for replying. Appreciate it.

  • Hi Rep, wondering if there are 'Day 2' specials that are being released?

    • +1

      Hi Enricho21,yes ,Day 2 specials will be released soon today.

      • Thanks for the update :)

  • Hey Rep,
    I've had a lot of problems in the past trying to buy stuff from Gearbest and have given up.
    I place an order and after a couple of days the order is cancelled. This happened over many orders over many months last year. After trying to sort out the problem with Gearbest customer support things went nowhere and I have just given up on buying anything from Gearbest.

    It seemed like Gearbest wouldn't accept Paypal or Paypal wouldn't accept Gearbest (I couldn't work it out). Then I tried other payment methods with the same problems. Then someone from Gearbest suggested a bank transfer but I didn't want to take the risk.

    The whole thing was very strange but seeing Gearbest deals on OzBargain again reminds me and I wonder if there is a simple explanation?

    • Hi JTTheMan,please rest assured that Gearbest accept Paypal.For you issue,can you PM me your order number for better confirming?
      I will do my best to sort it out for you.

      • OK, I'll go down that path again. I'll have to check the orders, there's about 20 or so!

  • +2

    If the coupons have reached their limits, why the deal isn't "expired".

  • Hi OP,

    any deals on the Xiaomi Mi Box? Pretty please…..


    • Hi Homr,I'm sorry that we can not run a deal for Mi box currently due to stock availability.
      I will post it when we can run it again.

      • awwwww buts its Xmas season :(

  • Op, How about the Mi band 3 international version??, according to your website you have thousands in stock at ~ $36 aud.

  • Just received my Philips Zhirui bulb … doesn't work with google home

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