expired Special Buys: Lacura Icellage, Caviar or Cellsation 3pc Full Size Skin Care Gift Set $30 @ ALDI


Aldi is bringing out limited edition gift sets of their premium skin care products next Wednesday 5 Dec at a great price of $29.95 for 3 full-sized items in a box including a day cream, night cream and eye product. They are not part of Aldi's everyday range.

The Caviar range is known as a dupe (and possibly a better dupe at that) for the pricey La Prairie caviar which costs hundreds of dollars. This has only come around once or twice a year in Australia and women make a run for it, so if you really want to get your hands on some, you better get in early on the first day.

Their premium skin care products are more readily available in the UK so you should be able to find online reviews from people there.

There are three options this year, with each gift set featuring 3 full-sized items:

Lacura Skin Science Icellage Cellular Gift Set

Looks like it has a day cream, night cream and eye gel

  • An innovative cellular skin care defence system for women 35+
  • It helps combat environmental stress and helps revitalise and energise the skin
  • Each product contains PhytoCellTec™ nunatak®, a powerful active ingredient based on the stem cells of the alpine flower which survived 100,000 years of ice age by moving to rare ice-free mountain peaks called nunataks, thus creating strongholds to adapt to extreme environmental conditions
  • The PhytoCellTec™ nunatak® offers anti-ageing signal function via deeper layers of the skin to ensure dermal cell vitality, especially when exposed to environmental stress

Lacura Skin Science Caviar Illumination Gift Set

  • A luxurious lifting and firming skin care range for women 40+
  • Each product contains powerful anti-ageing caviar extract – an energetic active ingredient which is very rich in protein, vitamin, mineral and lipid components
  • This combination helps deliver excellent nutritive elements to the skin and helps reduce signs of ageing
    Protein and amino acids can offer effective moisturiser for skin restructuring, whilst vitamins offer antioxidant qualities to help the skin fight against free radicals
  • In addition, each product in the set contains the revolutionary snow algae extract that stimulates collagen synthesis, which helps counteract the skin ageing process and therefore the visible signs of ageing

Day Cream SPF15 50ml

Light in texture, so can be worn comfortably under make up, to help rehydrate and protect the skin from harsh environmental influences
Additional anti-wrinkle benefits include hyaluronic acid and anti-ageing active complex to pamper and intensely moisturise your skin

Night Cream 50ml

Offers deep skin hydration whilst you sleep
Its rich texture ensures intensive regeneration of the skin to improve suppleness and prepare the skin for the day ahead
Additional caring benefits include hyaluronic acid to help increase moisturisation and prevent water loss, as well as pro vitamin B5 to help soothe and repair damaged skin

Eye Mousse 15ml

Targeted care for the sensitive skin around the eyes that need additional moisturising care
Also contains the unique ingredient Beautifeye™ which strengthens the skin around the eye, reducing puffiness and helps alleviate the appearance of crow’s feet
All products have been dermatologically tested

Lacura Skin Science Cellsation Gift Set

  • A skin care range for mature skin
  • All products in the range contain a combination of highly effective and optimally coordinated skin care actives, which include:
  • Celligent® for skin protection and cell regeneration for UV-related damage
  • Yarrow extract which is a natural-based active ingredient that helps stimulate cell renewal and increase skin epidermis thickness, whilst effectively blurring the imperfections of ageing skin
  • Narcissus extract for a skin balancing effect on the complexion, optimising radiance and bestowing youthful luminosity

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    Are the Caviar edible?


    I remember a podcast by dermatologists on ABC. Summary: none of these creams can actually make your skin look younger.

    I also remember a similar episode on the checkout:
    Hyaluronic acid does work if injected under the skin(collagen fillers), but does not help if applied on skin.

    However a decent price, compared to others that cost a lot more.

    Just my 2c

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      none of these creams can actually make your skin look younger.

      No skincare can reverse time, however, good skincare can give you healthier skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines/pores etc. Healthier skin always makes you look better than unhappy/dehydrated skin. (I'm just talking about skincare in general - not referring to above products)

      Hyaluronic acid does work if injected under the skin(collagen fillers), but does not help if applied on skin.

      I'm not sure what you mean by 'working' but if you mean giving you younger skin then no. Hyaluronic acid is good ingredient for hydration though, as it holds on to water. It comes in different molecular weights. The bigger molecules stay on top of the skin surface but the lower molecular weights can penetrate into the lower epidermis. You'll find hyaluronic acid included as one of the ingredients in many moisturisers.

      I've only ever tried one dedicated HA product which is the Aldi Lacura Hyaluronic Gel. I did notice a reduction in dryness especially over the winter months. However, I did read somewhere that HA can actually draw out moisture from your skin if it can't draw moisture from the air when the humidity is too low, so either a face mist or a humidifier helps on dry days.

      For the movitaved, here's couple of articles on HA on Simple skincare science and labmuffin.


        here is the podcast

        have a listen before you spend your $$

        the expert here is a dermatologist- who has spent six years studying medicine, plus atleast another four specializing in dermatology. She may know a tiny bit more than your bloggers

        Also any laser clinic will have a specialist skin consultant- who has done a six month course and and now calls herself a skin consultant! Does not make that person a dermatologist or an expert by any means

        here's couple of articles on HA on Simple skincare science(simpleskincarescience.com) and labmuffin

        Simple skincare science is a blog written by a layperson

        The use of this material is not a substitute for health or professional services. The information presented in this website is in no way intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical counseling.

        a blog written by a chemistry PhD
        please don't mistake chemistry with dermatology

        Sorry but I refuse to believe anything that they wish to say

        Skin care is a multi billion dollar industry. I realistically do not expect to change anyone's personal beliefs. You can chose to believe in the experts or be swayed by bloggers who claim to be experts!

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          Thank you for the link, it was an interesting listen. I actually agree that there is a lot of hype and ridiculous mark-up in the skin care industry, and cheaper skincare products can often work as well as the high end ones. The Australian company Ego featured in the podcast is one company that I do like - though their Elucent range is still pricey. (Ego Sunsense sunscreens are good!)

          There was some mention about ingredients that work (retinol, AHA's etc) but I didn't hear anything about hyaluronic acid in particular, unless I've missed it.

          Sorry but I refuse to believe anything that they wish to say

          That's ok not wanting to be swayed by this or that, but I would say that personal experience also comes into play. People shopping for skincare will try and hopefully find products that ticks their boxes for the price point that they're comfortable with paying. (For me that threshold is pretty low, as you can see from this deal) I would say that it's also good to check the ingredients list before deciding on a product and see what you're getting for your buck. There's heaps of information about ingredients online these days.

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      Summary: none of these creams can actually make your skin look younger.

      That's a pretty blanket statement. Im going to take a guess that the claim is in regards to certain lux ingredients like caviar, not moisturisers in general.

      I know a girl in mid 20s who looks 10 years older due to wrinkles and dry skin. She doesnt smoke or do drugs, neither does she moisturise.

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      They certainly aren't magic and won't reverse time (as moocher said), but 'beauty' products can certainly improve the overall look and health of your skin. I have recently started experimenting with skincare, and I am having a blast researching products, trialling them, and seeing a massive difference in the look of my face. I apply hyaluronic acid daily, and it definitely makes a difference to the moisture levels and plumpness of my skin. Dry skin definitely shows fine lines more than hydrated skin, so why not try to achieve hydrated skin? It's fun AND rewarding!

      Personal anecdotes, but they are my proof.

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