20 Second Whole Mouth Electric Toothbrush? Thoughts?

I came across this electronic toothbrush on Indiegogo and thought it was an interesting concept. Would save time or at least allow you to get a more thorough clean in the same amount of time. Gimmick or not?

Not cheap but comparable to other electric toothbrushes in the market.

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  • Amabrush was the big one that launched on Indiegogo (raised over 7 mil). I think it's really interesting. I was half tempted to buy it but I didn't because I ultimately didn't want to deal with such a small company in case something went wrong. Also, they never really posted much evidence at the time if it was even that effective compared to regular brushing. If at the right price, I would buy one just to do in the morning, and then properly brush my teeth at night with my toothbrush.

  • Not cheap? They seems to be cheaper than all but the lowest end electric toothbrushes.


    If they were a good idea, I think they would have been a lot more popular by now.

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    It looks naughty.

    • It certainly does. I think that will give them an idea for their next product.

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      The original plan was to pack the batteries in the rear but then they thought only a certain type would take it.

      • Whether this runs on AAA or D could be a factor in the decision also.

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    "12x as Powerful as Traditional Brushing"

    so it wears your teeth out?


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    First gen (release) of any product will have problems and may not even work as promised, or worse not get released.

    There is no need to buy into something early that is unproven. Wait a while if it works great you can buy it later.

    There is so much crap on crowd funding sites I wouldn't touch anything (but maybe I'm just too old)

  • I’m interested in this but I want a actual review from a dentist. It’s all well and good for something like this to be designed but have they actually done it properly.

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    Another one is https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/unobrush-toothbrushing-re...

    If any of these styles are effective, I'm sure a large toothbrush manufacturer will buy them out or create a similar one and take it mainstream.

    No guarantee buying from a startup that they won't go bust and then you can't buy refills anymore.

  • I actually know the guys behind Babahu.

    It's pretty much the same as what Blazin and c0balt linked. You're going to need a foam toothpaste (like Amabrush has) for it to work properly and if you check the wording Babahu mentions that.