$110 for 20 Bottles of Pensilva Shiraz (92pts 4*, Huon Hooke) Delivered @ First Choice Liquor / Groupon


Credit to previous posts that have been poorly received and even negged by me, because they only apply to supermarket wines which usually have big margins.

It turns out there is a good deal if you combine the two offers below.

You get 20 bottles of Pensilva Shiraz 2017, Mclaren Vale from First Choice Liquor for $110 delivered. Usual price is $12-$18 a bottle.

Pensilva Shiraz 2017 has been rated 4 stars and 92 points by wine reviewer Huon Hooke. It was also his wine of the week and featured in the article Three Great Supermarket Wines, in Fairfax.
Also see buy of the week

To get the 20 bottles for $110, you need to do the following:

1) Buy the $10 First Choice voucher from Groupon

2) Choose the Pensilva Shiraz from the available choices

3) Currently you get 3 for $30. Buy 20.

4) Apply the code purchased in (1) to get the 20 wines for $110.

Extra bonuses you may or may not get. I'm not sure if you can stack the voucher codes. I tried, but I'm not sure if I'll get the bonus points.

Use code BONUS2000 for 2000 bonus points for spending over $99.
Use code BONUSWINE for a bottle of cheap French champagne.
I also had a targeted First Choice bonus points offer attached to my Flybuys, so keep an eye on that.

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  • -3 votes

    any decent wine for sale?


    THis is an absolute top deal. Pensilva is a great wine at the $10 price point even without this deal. Thanks OP


      Agreed. Read the reviews, so was confident it would be okay. But drank a bottle tonight for the first time and it was an excellent wine for the price!


    Anyone interested in going halves - 10 bottles for $55? (south-east melbourne)

  • +2 votes

    Can't stack codes.

    the cheap French champagne. is absolutely vile.

    I bought a bottle 6 months ago. had half a glass and tipped the rest down the sink.

    any one checking my post history for booze will see that I only post cheap booze. my standards aren't very high, and even then I couldn't drink that cheap french crap.

    however, if you want to drink something so that you can claim to have drunk something that makes you understand what drinking stale urine may be like, then buy it.


    the cleanskin moscato is nice drop, perfect for summer. for $4. 75 (before any discount)

    this one is not in the groupon list, but Parson Paddock Cab Sauv -regularly 6 for $36 - is my "go to" red.


      some of the skye wines ain't bad, try them, the ones that have been posted have been reasonable, the 2012 one, around 100 bucks for a dozen is quite good, open it a day early and it's quite good

  • +4 votes

    I am drowning in booze from this damn site. Any deals on rehab?


    OP - don't forget that the Groupon voucher can be bought for halfprice using coupon code "HALFPRICE"

  • -2 votes

    3 for $30 - No further discount ………..won't accept coupon ?

    • +1 vote

      Have you tried?

      I only posted this after checking the deal worked. I also have picked the 20 bottles from the store as click and collect and have now drunk my first bottle!


        I have had it in the past …. what I call a "nacho wine" …goes well with nachos, chillies, sour cream and salsa, or most Mexican foods, eg burritos, it's what I call a big flavour wine.

        Bit too fruity to have with expensive steak …. you want to taste the steak,

        at this price it's a great deal.


      ahh min $199 spend hence need to get the 20 bottles … I had 15 bottles …


        You can get other wines as well. Although, I can't vouch for their quality.


          seems to be the pick of the bunch, think you found the nugget in the line up, the cabernet isn't a 3 for $30 deal, just the shiraz

          that's Netflix binge and Mexican food fixed for the next few months.


    great deal, thanks!


    This is 100% a coles owned brand. Still a good deal absolutely but the first line of the OP is absolute rubbish.


      What do you mean?


        "Because they only supply supermarket wine which usually have big margins"

        This is a supermarket wine with a big margin.

        • +1 vote

          You missquoted me. I said "apply" not "supply". The Groupon code only "applies" to a small range of First Choice's supermarket wines. That is why the previous posts for the Groupon voucher had been poorly received.

          However, this is a highly rated supermarket wine, as discussed in the post. At $5.50 a bottle I suspect there is little margin.

          I should have written for avoidance of doubt:
          The Groupon voucher only applies to a small range of First Choice Liquor's home branded wines, hence the previous posts on Ozbargain for the Groupon voucher have been poorly received. However, one of these wines is already discounted and actually good….

  • +3 votes

    Excellent, buying 20 bottles of wine before 7am in the morning. I have a problem…thanks OP!


    Doesn't seem to be working for me - it comes to $242 after I apply the groupon voucher??

  • +2 votes

    Delivered today, enjoying one right now. Very happy with this for $5.50 a bottle. Thanks OP.

  • +3 votes

    Wine is back in stock again.

    • +2 votes

      agreed, wine back in stock. just placed my order and went through fine. also for those who haven't bought the groupon code yet, use code XMAS30 + stacks with CR to get the voucher for $6.xx range


      Wine is not showing up in the list offered through the Groupon deal. Were you still able to apply the code to it?

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