Charcoal Barbeque Advice and Recommendations

Hi All,

I'm in the market for a Charcoal BBQ over the next month or 2 and wondering if anyone has any experience with the below or any suggestions.

Firstly bottom of the range so far is the Billabong offset smoker at $199 from Barbeques galore.

For some reason I like the barrel shape, makes me feel its easier to cook or just looks neater when cooking.
I also like the warming rack attached to the lid which hovers above the cooking grate, I also like the idea of the more solid (almost like cast iron) grills.
The coal rack at the bottom is attached to a sort of half barrel which catches the ash and lifts out so I think I could just lift out and pour the ash out.

I'm unsure of the quality and longevity as it seems fairly thin, but I've used something similar in the past for 2+ years and then seemed like it might have been on its way out, but we did leave it out in the rain when not in use.

Second on my list is the Klasen from Ikea at $319

I know, a BBQ from Ikea seems questionable, the quality seemed pretty ok and if anything, a bit better than the Billabong above.
No experience with this, no warming rack, cleaning seems easy.

Thirdly on my list would be a Weber, either the Weber Original at $329 or the Weber Original Premium at $449 (is the premium for the premium worth it?)

I've heard good things about Webers in general but they're usually about the gas versions and hear little about the Charcoal siblings.
I tried to have a look today but BBQ plus closed at 5pm and I thought it closed at 5.30pm so I just missed it.

I'm thinking if it were between the Ikea and the Weber Original I would pick the Weber, But then the Billabong is priced a fair bit cheaper and knowing me, if I went for the Weber I'd probably want the premium which then puts me at a $250 difference and I'm looking to good people of OZB to help point me in the right direction and I'm open to other suggestions.

My primary use will be for grilling, roasting and smoking could MAYBE be something I try but it would mainly for grilling when friends are round.

Thanks all!


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    The Weber kettles are excellent. Once you’ve mastered the techniques and basics, the kettles will serve you well. Although there is still a place for gas bbqs, particularly if you want to quickly cook something up with minimal setup & cleanup. Take a look at Gumtree for a used Weber kettle, these things are built to last.

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    Get the weber. Nothing else compares.
    The kettles are basically a barbecue workhorse, you can do anything on them with fantastic results. Charcoal can take a bit to learn and master but it's totally worth the effort.

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    I'd say kamado joe, but that's clearly a different price range..

    Of those three, you'd be crazy not to just get the Weber.
    Better build, better warranty and massive amounts of online info, tips, guides etc all around that exact bbq.

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  • I have a Ziegler and Brown BBQ and use it with a smoke box ($7 Bunnings) and wood chips ($9). The flavour is amazing. You can cook lid up or down, where Weber you can only cook lid down. BBQ Galore have a 20% off sale occasionally, dropping the price of a 2 burner down to $391 without the stand.

    • That's not a charcoal bbq….

  • Get the Weber. I received a Weber Smokey Mountain as a gift. Can't fault it. Also have a Weber Q BBQ. Can't fault that one either

  • I have a 44 gallon drum cut in half length ways and welded to a steel frame for legs.

    charcoal I buy, natural wood charcoal in lumps. usually about $25 for a 30kg bag and 2 bags usually lasts me a summer worth of grilling

  • weber q & weber go anywhere. best of both worlds

  • Get the full size weber kettle. Watch youtube videos on direct/indirect heating with charcoal as well as the snake method for doing low and slow cooks.

  • Hi Raiyani,
    I bought the Lodge Sportsman Grill from Amazon USA (free delivery). There are only two of us so the size is perfect. No matter what you choose, buy a BBQ grill sized to suit your needs. Like most here, charcoal cooking as opposed to our gas Weber has been amazing. As was explained to me by a salesperson at BBQ's Galore who was clearly passionate about charcoal BBQ'ing - with the same amount of attention given to a gas BBQ, the charcoal BBQ will produce far more succulent meats because of the different heat transfers. I am happy to confirm the meat we have cooked on the Lodge has been moist and the fat renders particularly well. As noted on here Wweber quality is hard to fault (expect for some accessories). I would be happy with the premium model (a few extra pieces of kit to admire when you are cooking a roast). Surprised to see Ikea on your list, I have no experience with one, just surprised. Whatever choice do not buy a BBQ for three months (like my father-in law) and then end up buying a Weber.

  • Good Morning Everyone,

    Thanks for all the responses.
    I think the general consensus is that the Weber is the way forward.
    There were some great alternatives, some gas and some expensive (although amazing) such as the Kamodo Joe, I think the good middle ground is the Weber and should hopefully last me for years to come.

    I appreciate all the suggestions and information regarding how well they cook, fuel types and general experience with different varieties and have come to the conclusion that we all love a good BBQ and/or slow roast.

    I'm looking forward to buying this and and testing the bad boy out this summer!

    Happy Barbecuing to you all this summer!

    Much appreciated

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