½ Price - SunRice Jasmine Rice 5kg $8.50 @ Coles


Coles turn to have this on sale for half price next week.

Long, slender, Fragrant grains define this classic rice variety. When cooked,the grains display a delicate Fragrance. Jasmine is the preferred rice in Southeast Asian cooking.
The heart of Thai cuisine.
Gluten free.

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    Product of Cambodia (no longer Product of Australia)


    I don't eat rice from other countries ,theirs no port A loo out in the fields.


    Anyone tried this cambodian version? what's the difference?

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      I've tried it and I think it's better. We used to buy Thai rice and the new one is similar to that.

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    Works for me… can’t really see a difference or taste difference.

    No random portaloo incidents.

    Rice is a commodity should be the same as long as they use the same genus and grow them the same.

    Only rice I can tell a differece is basmati. Some basmati is inferior to others. Not sure but some don’t hold moisture and some do.

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