This was posted 13 years 3 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Aussie Gadgets closing down sale.


I'm currently running a closing down sale on my website Aussie Gadgets. All items will be 30 - 50% off.

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    Everything appears to be the same price as it was a week ago according to google cache. When will these discounts kick in?

  • its the same thign!!

  • "All items will be 30 - 50% off."


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    From 18th March 2011: Has been "Closing Down" for over 2 weeks…

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    Brass Tow Nuts FTW

  • Do we take the % off the red price or?

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    Your ball scratched can get for 3 bucks from uk put it up here but it got deleted

    • I actually remember when you put that up.

  • Hmmm…some classy stuff on this website:

    Storm Pooper Turd - The Stormpooper is servant to the Empoorer and works for Fart Vapour. The famous white armour is designed to protect the Stormpoopers from bowlogical attacks, a very messy affair involving bleach and the deadly Bog Brush Y Fighters.

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    Paris doll totally worth it. It's banging

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    The prices are cheaper than they were before. Proof-


    OLD (october 2009)…

    • wow awesome website(RE: wayback machine) favourite-d


    • LOL 1½ yr

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    I don't trust you, therefore I don't trust my money with your website.

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      Very secure website, options to pay paypal are there for you.

      • Ewwww, I didn't mean to pos you.

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    3 month closing down sale? When is the website getting shut down?

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    Bullsh### non-deal.

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    fail sale

  • No deal.

  • Bad Sht Turd always seems to drop onto a dump deal, getting the worst fixes ever and regretting it as his eyes roll and his brain becomes numb. He’s sht hot until the come down, Bad Sht really has a rough time-but he doesn’t give a sht! any more. He has been sh*t faced one to many times….. with stuff like this, you wonder why he's going out of business?!

  • Who does this site think it is? A rug store?

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    no dice

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    no idea what ur saying dude? some1 translate 4 me plz? lol

    Um so i dont get it, is this a bargain or not? the prices seem uh… actually the prducts seem cr@p….

    • @ morpheu

      wonder why he's going out of business?!

  • Overpriced crap regardless of discount or not

  • Rubbish sale.

    • yup

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    Muffy better hurry and get your ticket, the failboat's departing soon.

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