Where to monitor flight changes?

Hi all,

Booked some flights with aunt Betty a few months ago and as the departure date is nearing I’m planning on keeping an eye on any potential schedule changes etc. (we’ve all heard the horror stories of flight times changing and passengers not being notified)

This is my first time using auntbetty (or any 3rd part flight website) so being extra cautious

So my question is, where is the best place to check my flights and to be notified of any schedule changes?





    Depending on the airline/booking system (Amadeus, Sabre etc) you might not be able to find your booking in these apps though.

    I use CheckMyTrip for 90% of my flights and have had the notifications/emails from it save me from schedule changes before.


      Thanks I’ll download the checkmytrip app!

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    Trip-It is good

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    Aunt Betty will give you the airline booking reference if you ask, you can then register on the airlines website, this depends on the airline.