Lamipanel or similar for lining shower walls - where to buy cheap? (Sydney)

I am doing a quick botch job on our bathroom, which has REALLY bad leaks in the shower. Tiles are falling off, timber frame is rotted out something dreadful… a total disaster zone! The house is getting knocked down in a year, so I am looking at a really cheap and cheerful way of covering up the walls and waterproofing them

Since we only have one bathroom and a young family, I cannot have the shower out of action for days while I put new cement sheeting up and then tile and grout. Plus, I know I better not to look at the timber… if I touch anything the whole thing will probably fall down!

I've got a shower base from eBay for $30, so that solves the floor. Trying to find Lamipanel or similar product that I can glue straight over the top of what is there.

Found this PVC panel stuff on eBay - seems good and much cheaper than lamipanel

Anybody got any advice for me? Thanks :-)



    Hi Llama

    Not sure if you've fixed the bathroom or not, but the big thing you need to take into consideration is waterproofing. Otherwise you're back where you started before you realise.

    Here's a link to what you need to know about waterproofing. Hope it helps!

    Happy renovating!


    Thanks attract - yeah, I know about the waterproofing… that is why the situation has occurred… a builder didn't waterproof properly!!

    I am not fixing or waterproofing anything… I want to go straight over the top of the rotten walls and tiles that have fallen off. It's not worth doing proper repairs on a house that will be pulled down in less than a year. I cannot do waterproofing anyway as the bathroom / shower is in continual use with a young family and no bath.

    Alternatively I was considering getting one of those "shower enclosures" made of fibreglass.. or something this…

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