Light Globes with Dual Tones (Warm White and Cool White) ?

Wife loves cool white globes and I am a fan of warm white. I know there LED globes out there with hundreds of interchangeable tones such as Philips Hue. However, I am looking for a simple solution where the globe comes with default dual tone setting which can be changed at will using an app or any other way.

Is there anything like this available out there?



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    I bought a Philips globe recently that you flick on once for warm white and if you turn it off and back on quickly it goes to cool white.

  • Check Mi-Light!

    Remote control CW to WW, with 10 intermediate settings.
    Also full (11 step) architectural level dimming - with a childrens moonlight setting.

  • tell your wife to go get her own lights! :p

    I've just bought the philips hue downlights and realised that the colour tone makes a huge difference to the mood of the place.

    Depending on how many you're getting, it might actually be worth getting one with a hub. Ikea have their Tradfri range that comes at a significantly lower cost.

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    Philips Hue bulbs come in a few different versions.
    $White - dimmable, but nothing else.
    $$White Ambiance - colour temperature and dimming.
    $$$White and Colour Ambiance - self-explanatory.

    White Ambiance gives you more flexibility than a dual tone option, while still being simple if you stick to the ~7 presets. I use basically the whole range every day.

  • Also LIFX Day and Dusk. But I don't recommend I bought two, one has been just a nightmare turning on by itself but for price and bother of it cbf sending back. They have offered to swap it at least but still you google this issue and they just seem buggy, like I have 10 Hue bulbs no issues.

  • Mi Light! If you splurge a little and get the colour ones you can set up some moods :) But super easy to use and controllable via Google Home

    • what's the diff between Mi and yee light ?

      • Woops, brain fart. I meant the Yeelight haha

  • Pretty sure I saw some at aldi the other day

  • Thanks everyone! I might try Philips Scene Switch globes to start with.

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