expired [SOLD OUT] Huggies ELC Toy Promo: Castle or Rocket. 10 nappy + 1 wipe barcode + $16.95 p&h [upto $75 value]


For one ELC toy you will need 10 Huggies Nappies or Huggies Nappy-Pants barcodes and 1 Huggies Baby Wipes barcode along with $16.95 for P&H and GST.

Barcodes do not have to come from specially stickered packs. Barcodes from any Australian Huggies Nappies, Nappy-Pants and Baby Wipes packs are valid.

Remember that in order to claim your ELC toy you will need to be a member of either of Huggies Baby Club or Huggies Mum To Be Club. If you are not already a member you will have to join.

17,500 of each toy available to claim as of 5/04/2011. Limit 2 toys per household.

Castle: http://www.elctoys.com.au/p-6976-happyland-fairytale-fantasy... $65
Rocket: http://www.elctoys.com.au/p-622-lift-off-rocket-play-set.asp... $75

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    along with $16.95 for P&H and GST.

    this bit is a bit dodgy???

    if they are giving away the items, there is NO GST


      Maybe they bizarrely mean the GST on the postage? But yeah you're right! Should be no GST!


    FYI - your link to the castle is missing the .aspx

    edit: and the promo page isn't working now. It's been ozbargained! ;-)


      Thanks, stupid iPad must have deleted the aspx when I added the $ amount. Fixed now!


    got my castle on monday
    unfortunately no more stock didnt even last 2 weeks

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