HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Kit

Just came across this product on eBay. have been keeping my eye on them for a while and they are usually upwards of $400. Can't figure out if this is a different product or just a great price to jump on. Help would be appreciated.

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  • I did a google search on the product code and this came back: HTC VIVE Pro Wireless Adapter Headset Clip Add-On

    I'd say that umart has the wrong product photo on that page.

    • Thanks, i'll send them a message!

  • I emailed them too and asked "is this the actual wireless Vive adapter (as pictured) or is this just the Vive Pro add on for the wireless device ?" and their response was:

    Hi There
    Sorry looks like the image and description is wrong. We will fix this asap.

    but it didn't answer my original question. Since then there have been updates to the eBay listing but they're still showing the wireless adapter and it sounds like they're selling the wireless adapter, not the Vive Pro wireless adapter add on kit (which is the price for it), even though the item title is "HTC Pro Vive Wireless Adapter Add-On Kit" which is a bit ambiguous

    If people buy it thinking that it's the wireless adapter but they get sent the Pro add on kit, I can see a lot of negative feedback….

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