Japan Holiday: 2 Possible Time Frames. Please Give Me Your Opinions


I will be travelling to Japan either 18th Oct to 17th Nov or a week later at 26th Oct to 25th Nov

I think travel will be up and down Japan, not just Kyoto and Tokyo

Do people have any opinions as to which is better? The later I go, I guess the colder it'll be and the busier it will be.

I picked half oct half nov because I wanted less people but to still see autumn foliage.

Thanks in advance



    Either is fine. I've travel north in November and it was just a bit cold however all the foliage was already winter.


    Either of those is fine.

    There's a sumo tournament in Fukuoka from Nov 10th.
    If going early was an option, the Hida Matsuri(a festival) in Takayama on October 10th would be amazing.

    I recommend going on Japan guide https://www.japan-guide.com and sussing out the public holidays whilst you're there, these are days you will really struggle at tourist spots.. and on public transport… and making reservations in general.

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      I think this is good advice. Check what festivals are on because I always seem to miss them by a week ;)


        So do I! Every time.. We just went to Japan from 12-27th of October. Weather was perfect - just tshirt and shorts every day. We did some great sake brewery walking tours (aka pub crawls).

        Takayama in general is a great place for Autumn colours.


          I loved Takayama. A serow walked right past me on the mountain near the temple which scared the crap out of me because I didn't know that animal existed until that moment ;)


      I'm thinking going the later period, and starting from the south and heading north?


        A rough outline of our itinerary, this October just passed:

        Friday 12th Tokyo Sleep Kabuki-Za + Teppan Baby
        Saturday 13th Tokyo Sleep Mario Kart Robot Restaurant – golden gai
        Sunday 14th Afternoon travel to FujiYoshida
        Monday 15th Fuji Q Amusement Park Afternoon travel to Yokohama – Ramen, cup noodle museum, onsen
        Tuesday 16th Afternoon travel to Nagoya Sushi train, Chao Chao
        Wednesday 17th Afternoon travel to Kobe Taiko Honten lunch (nagoya) Kobe Beef dinner
        Thursday 18th Kobe Shin-Kobe Ropeway,Nada district sake tasting, kobe nikusho ichiya dinner
        Friday 19th Afternoon travel to Osaka Aragawa lunch Dotonbori Street for dinner Hariju
        Saturday 20th Osaka Sleep Umeda sky tower Namba shopping and dinner
        Sunday 21th Morning travel to Takayama - Sake walk, morning markets, hida-no sato
        Monday 22th Takayama - Ropeway
        Tuesday 23th Morning travel to Hakone
        Wednesday 24th Hakone Owakudani, rope-way
        Thursday 25th Afternoon travel to tokyo shopping Ninja Restaurant
        Friday 26th Tokyo Depart


    if you want to see autumn foliage November… I did the first 2 weeks of October last year didn't se much… and then I went last 2 weeks of October this year and much od the same. weather in October in the last 2 years both in Tokyo and Osaka was warm, shorts and t shirt weather,

    after I came back, instagram was full of beautiful autumn foliage and colours

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    Rugby World Cup is on next year in Japan until late October/early November. We booked flights to Tokyo for mid October without realising the rugby was on, and hotels are expensive :(
    I would go November if cost is a concern, and also if you want to see foliage.


      I would go November if cost is a concern

      Considering this is Ozbargain then cost should definitely be a concern.


    halloween in shibuya end of October.

    definitely climb a mountain or see some temple areas. the colours are beautiful. we did kyushu this year, first week of november. we were late by a week, but still saw awesome colours. climbed mt unzen.


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