The Mummy Ultimate Trilogy 4K $35.25 + Delivery (Free with Prime over $49) @ Amazon US via Amazon AU


The Mummy trilogy on 4k (UHD), with additional blu ray disc versions of the movies too, for $35.25 (free shipping on orders over $49 from Amazon US).

So much better than the Tom Cruise version…

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  • +4 votes

    The first movie is the best one.


    The blurays will be region locked

    Also they suck after the first


      Not necessarily. Some studios make their Blu-Rays compatible worldwide like Warner Bros. Others are hit and miss like Universal (The makers of this movie) which you won't know until you buy. I have some that are compatible from them and others that aren't. Also most players you can type in a code from the remote which will allow you to play different regions.


    Be aware that these are probably region A discs and will require a Region A or region free player

  • +2 votes

    4K blu rays are region free

  • +1 vote

    "So much better than the Tom Cruise version…"
    Can't argue with that but unless they remade the 2nd and 3rd, I have trouble with Ultimate being in the description.


    I didn't know they made a third one. Any good? I enjoyed the first 2. Brendan Fraser at his finest.