Nitecore TINI CREE XP Keychain Light in Red US $15.99 (~AU $22.36) Delivered @ GearBest


NOTE WELL RED ONLY Dont ask me why, dunno. Also - LIMITED TO 500 UNITS! Get in quick!

Found this deal while browsing a flashlight forums deals page. This is decent light and a massive upgrade over the popular Nitecore tube at a similiar size and so I consider this a great deal.

RRP's and prices in general vary wildly for this for e.g nitecore au have it for $54.99

Read an unbiased review here with pics and comparisons (the RRP in that review is for USD)
There are a number of shipping options at the GB website, I ordered some other stuff and got the $5 Australian express shipping which claims 7-15 business days (I guess we'll see…). I have the Nitecore Tip from a previoius deal and apparently this is an upgrade over that, which is a fantastic light itself.


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