Power A Wireless GameCube Controller for Nintendo Switch

I heard really positive things about this controller (Reddit) but couldn't see anything about it in ozbargain.

Has anyone used one and is it any good?

Anyone found a good place to buy one? All I'm seeing is Catch which usually isn't the cheapest.




    The only downside i see on paper is lack of hd rumble which renders it almost useless for games like Super Mario Oddysee which rely on rumble.

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    Unless you grew up playing smash on gamecube I don't see the point. Get a pro controller that is more appropriate in every other game. Unless this is considerably cheaper.


      Grew up playing a lot of Melee which is why I'm looking at it. Already have a Pro controller for other games.


    Bought one from JB for $79. Will test with Smash and report back. Also have Switch Pro controller so will compare.


      Sweet, please do. I know I'm getting Smash for Christmas so I'm looking at getting this too.

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    I grabbed a couple from JB HiFi (~$80ea). VERY well made and I find it more comfortable than the Pro controller. They also work great on my PC and Raspberry Pi.

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