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Car Chargers

Baseus 30W Dual USB PD Car Charger, USB-C Port with PD3.0 PPS (30W max) and USB-A with QC4.0 - $11.89

USB-C Port support these fast charging protocols: PD3.0 up to 20V1.5A, Apple 2.4V, QC4.0, Huawei FCP 9V, Huawei SCP, Samsung AFC*
USB-A Port support these fast charging protocols: Apple 2.4V, QC3.0, Huawei FCP 9V, Huawei SCP, Samsung AFC, Meizu PE2.0
Note when using both USB-C and USB-A ports at the same time, the maximum output is reduced to 5V5A
Price on Aliexpress - $12.79 + GST

Rock 36W QC3.0 Dual USB PD Car Charger, USB-A and USB Type C - $11.89(Sold Out)

USB-C Power Delivery output at max 18W
USB-A QC3.0 output at max 18W
Total Output 36W when using both ports
Price on Aliexpress - $14.88 + GST


Baseus MVP Angled 3 in 1(Lightning, Micro-USB, Type C) Angled Cable - $7.69

Only Lightning interface supports data transfer, USB-C and Micro-USB are charging only.
Price on Aliexpress - $11.65 + GST

Baseus All Data 3-in-1 USB Cable with USB Type C, Micro USB and Apple Lightning interfaces, 5V3.5A (18W max), 1.2m - $10.49

USB2.0 Data transfer enabled on all 3 interfaces.
Price on Aliexpress - $11.23 + GST

Baseus MVP Angled Lightning Cable with Charging LED - 1m $6.29 / 2m $6.99

Premium build quality with braided cable and Zinc alloy connectors.
Price on Aliexpress - $5.03 + GST

iPhone X/XS/XR Cover/Case/Screen Protector

Baseus Soft Edge 0.23mm Ultra Thin Tempered Glass Full Screen Protector - $5.59 - Comes with 3-in-1 installation kit

Installation Tips
Reviews from Baseus Official Store Aliexpress - $7.01 + GST

Rock Royce Ultra Slim Double Layer Case - $9.09

Reviews from Rock Official Store Aliexpress - $10.46 + GST

Rock Clear Shield Ultra Slim Soft Case - $6.29

Reviews from Rock Official Store Aliexpress - $5.61 + GST

Baseus Flip Cover Ultra Thin Translucent Touchable with front Tempered Glass - $10.49

Photo of the actual case fitted
Reviews from Baseus Official Store Aliexpress - $12.07 + GST

Baseus Feather Ultra Thin Hard Case - $5.59 - Good to showcase your new colourful iPhone XR

Photo of the actual case fitted
Reviews from Baseus Official Store Aliexpress - $5.19 + GST

A little teaser - Zmi QB822 20000mAh 27W USB-PD Powerbank Coming soon! It'll be perfect for iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch and just your everyday phone charging.

Xiaomi Powerbank Gen 3 (10000mAh and 20000mAh) also coming in the next few months but the exact specs haven't been released yet.

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    ZMI 18W PD when?

    • +1 vote

      Some people are never satisfied.


      Just couldn't get them to the right price point to justify importing them, $50 for a 10000mAh is a little bit overpriced IMO when there's the Xiaomi ones at $20. SO basically $30 for an 18W output and a USB-Hub which is not that useful on non-laptop devices.

      We will see what Xiaomi Powerbank Gen 3 and the new Pro can do


    How long has baseus been around for?
    I found a baseus shop in Manila (Makati) and was surprised that it existed. would recommend the 90 degree usb charger cable.


    Baseus is a Chinese Taobao store, the clearance price is almost Taobao RRP exclude overseas postage


    Can we get 30W PD in title? Saves clicking…

    • +2 votes

      Done, just for you

      • +1 vote

        Just looked at specs, actually looks like it can only push 24w maximum per port. Also, the higher voltages require 24v input.

        The fast charging support is neat though, OnePlus chargers alone are usually $40+ for actual dash charging.

        • +1 vote

          Good pick up, it was a copy paste error. Gonna push a fix to the Amazon page
          Actual specs:
          Output USB-C (max 30W): 5V/3A, 9V3A, 12V2.5A, 15V2A (24V DC input), 20V1.5A(24V DC input)
          Output USB-A (max 30W): 4.5V/5A, 5V/4.5A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A.
          When using both ports, output voltage drops to 5V with total output power max out at 5V5A.

  • +1 vote

    Which car charger is better?
    The Baseus one seems to have better amperage but the Rock one more watts.


    Picked up one of the Baseus 30W. Thanks OP!


    Just a question for anyone in the know…

    I tried to charge my mobile from the USB port in my 2018 Mazda 3 but it was really really slow, almost no charge :(

    So I rang Mazda and they told me that I need some special charger adaptor to charge a mobile from the car, then they told me they could sell me one for $39…OMG , I paid $35k for a brand new latest model all bells and whistles car but cant charge my mobile without buying something else from them :? scumbags :/

    So, my question is, will this charger do the job ?



      This one is probably too new for any other Mazda 3 owner to try and find out. If it's a standard 12V cigarette lighter then I don't see why it won't work. What devices do you have to charge?

      You can always place an order and try it out, keep the original package and such so if it doesn't work, Amazon is usually pretty good with issuing refunds if the product is still in sellable condition


        Hi, just my mobile phone. The car has 2 USB ports but apparently they are unsuitable to charge a mobile. There is a standard cigarette lighter also.

        I kinda wish I had bought the Hyundai SR now, it had wireless charging for mobiles :/

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