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[NSW] Canon EOS 1300D with 18-55mm Lens Kit $300 @ Target, Ballina


The best price I've ever seen for this nice entry level DSLR.
Hopefully nationwide.

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Target Australia

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    4000D is the newer one with more Ds but removed NFC, smaller screen and plastic mount. Typical canon. https://www.catch.com.au/product/canon-eos-4000d-kit-with-18...

  • Saw it at Rhodes (NSW) with the same price tag. And they got quite a good stock

  • Can't say DSLRs are unaffordable now.

  • Anyone able to confirm if nation wide? No luck in Brisbane CBD

  • If you're buying this for happy snaps, are on a very tight budget, or just to get started it's a good deal. But if you are planning to get serious about photography give this a miss and spend a bit more money. Particularly if you want to shoot things that move.

    And definitely give a wide birth to the 4000D, especially if you plan to be changing lenses a lot. I've never seen a Canon camera this clunky.

    • I would have thought the recent Nikon deals on D3500 & D5600 were better value. Especially considering you mentioned things that move.

      I can’t place the reason you would buy this camera. Even @ $300. Unless it’s the cheapest backup camera for your system.

      • If you wanted something to give to a kid, this is cheaper especially if you're worried it may get damaged.

        This model's not going to be good for video and it's just a kit lens but if you're getting into the Canon ecosystem.

        I'd definitely recommend Nikon for sports/action and Canon for video. I own both.

        Would definitely buy this over the travesty that is the 4000D. Plastic mount and buttons that feel like they are gen 1 YongNuo!

        • Would you still buy this over the D5600 for video?

          • @stickymoo: No. It doesn't have dual pixel AF. And from this review:


            "Videos are recorded at 1080p resolution, but while the big sensor should deliver excellent quality, it isn’t as simple as that. The algorithm used to resize the sensor’s 18-megapixel output down to 2-megapixel (1080p) video frames produces slightly coarse details and is prone to moiré interference. Autofocus is locked during recording by default, and enabling continuous autofocus for videos results in clumsy adjustments. Videos stop recording without any after about 12 minutes, once the video file reaches a 4GB limit."

            The older upper entry level 700D has an articulating screen and you can use Magic Lantern with it. I'd probably go for a second hand one of those.

  • Unley sa has 4 left

  • Still 2 left at target unley