expired [NSW] Free Doughnuts from 7AM Today (10/12) @ Krispy Kreme (Westfield Parramatta)


Krispy Kreme are opening today from 7AM at Westfield Parramatta. To celebrate, they will be giving away 5000 doughnuts.

Parramatta Westfield. Level 1. Shop No. 1167. Zone G

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    To celebrate, they will be giving away 5000 doughnuts.

    each ?


    For some reason I understood that as they were celebrating opening at 7am, as opposed to 9am or whatever time sane stores open.


      Honestly the deal could be written better.
      Here's the quote from the event, which says it well.

      We're opening our second store in Parramatta Westfield! This time we're going all out! A brand new design and concept, the first of its kind in Australia will be coming to Parramatta Westfield on December the 10th 2018!

      We'll be giving away 5,000 Original Glazed Doughnuts* to celebrate as well throwing one hellava party as only we know how! More details to come!
      *Limit one per person

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    Eat shit and die…

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    This is still active now, just got one. Had 5 other people from work as well, got one each.


    this Krispy Kreme store, is just about 30 metres from Parramatta train-station.
    it's located at the under-cover walkway, connecting to Parramatta train-station.

    i got a free donut, around 3:30pm today
    offer is only valid today.

    there was a staff-member with the banner "Free Donuts" in front of the shop,
    but dozens of people just walked past, ignoring the sign or just shy to walk in, and get a free donut.


    Thanks for sharing !