Getting Refund on Partial Gift Card/Credit Card Purchase at Officeworks

If I were to buy an item from Officeworks paid using credit card and Officeworks gift card then refund it later, will I get the full amount of that item refunded on the credit card?

I read the T&C on their site but couldn't get a definite answer on this one.

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  • No, unless you got someone who had no idea what they were doing.

  • You refund will be split over the 2 payment methods.

  • As above, youll get the refund split back on a new gift card and your credit card. Not all on your card. This should be the same for all retailers

    • as a customer I am very annoyed because I don't usually shop at Officeworks and it is better I spend it on groceries or fuel.

      You were given an Officeworks gift card, and get annoyed when you can't use it at Coles?

      Coles is in the same group of companies as OW, I wish they are more flexible with this.

      Not anymore, and even if they were, never expect to spend Store A gift card/credit voucher at Store B.

      Answers to your other questions:
      No you cannot get refund in the form of cash and/or onto your credit card for the amount you paid in gift card.
      No you cannot buy gift cards with gift cards.
      Both are completely normal and standard practices of pretty much all retail stores.