Laptop under $1000 for Mothers Christmas Present

Hi Guys

My mother dearest is in desperate need of a new laptop and I have taken it upon myself to purchase her a new one for Christmas.

I'm looking for a good bargain for a laptop under $1000, I noticed some good deals for a Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13.3 but I can't find anymore, if any one can find this I would be very grateful

Thanks in advance fellow ozzies




    for work ? or casual use ?

    suggests surface pro 20% off MS ebay store


    Both thanks, i saw that one, wasnt too impressed with the specs


    this is Ozbargain not ozSpend$1000onChristmasPresent


    I think you should tell us what her uses are?


    The uses of the laptop will be quite basic: emailing, processing invoices, word documents, a little bit of graphic design.

    Max bang for your buck would be preferable. I dont expect anyone to go to far out of their way.

    I find a lot of laptop deals are in the higher price range, i was just hoping that if someone had come across something under the $1000 mark they could share it.


      If you're open to refurbished laptops, the Dell Outlet is usually a pretty good place to find fairly powerful Inspiron units for less than a $1k.

      start by searching "dell Outlet" on Whirlpool forums or on our forums if you need more info.

      Otherwise you'll be looking out for eBay 20 percent off sales and grabbing maybe a Dell G3.

      If you want a touch display there's also a bunch of Lenovo Yoga's for under $1k on the Grays Online ebay site, using coupon code PARTY2K18.


      If she’s doing anything work related maybe she’d be happy to chip in for a spec upgrade ?

      She will be able to claim the entire thing on tax so it’s possibly easier if you offer to contribute to it.

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