MEH Energy SMS and Call - Possible Fraudsters?

I'm like Meh literally because I've never heard of this company. It seems like it could be an attempt to try and defraud people that don't know any better by claiming that they have overdue bills. I looked at their website and it looks like it has been done by a 12 year old child as that was the level of webpage building skills I had at the time. I guess kids these days could probably build something like that at 8 years though.

I would like to draw attention to the following spam message which is sent after an unsuccessful a call. No doubt as this was my data sim, I have turned off call acceptance; so was very surprised to see a message appear randomly.

Image of SMS

I'm in Sydney and wouldn't be using such a dodgy looking service anyway.

Does anyone know why I am receiving these calls and SMS? I thought there were rules about how they can contact old customers, not that this is a new number. I've had this number for at least 6 months.

Very unprofessional either way from this mob, if they are real. ಠ_ಠ

Oh got to keep in mind and not be biased, that there might another mob impersonating these guys.

Either way hopefully this post draws attention to a possible scam attempt.

Actually, better retract that, unless the number was spoofed, it was definitely them.

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    Looks like a real company, but has terrible google reviews(google their phone number 1300633637).

    Even though you have had this sim for over 6 months there is a chance that the previous owner of your number had an account with MEH and they haven't updated and they just recently had their account overdue(probably due to being ripped off by MEH by the look of the google reviews).