Christmas celebration ideas for one person

It has been almost 4 years since I actually celebrated important holidays if acknowledging the existence of them is enough.

Christmas and Chinese New Years are coming up and it worries me that I am celebrating them alone since my break up last year.

For once, I, in my adult life, sincerely want to take them seriously.

Can anyone suggest anything I can do to celebrate them meaningfully - I do not want to go to a club/bar/events to celebrate with a bunch of strangers since I am pretty sure I will be attending alone.


I am not in a relationship so celebrating with a lover is not happening

I do have friends but not good enough for me to want to do that stuff with

My entire family is not here with me/ flying back is not an option

I am in Melbourne.

I am open to anything.

Please comment and Merry Christmas :)


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    Buy yourself a really nice gift that is associated with a hobby you enjoy. Do not use it until Christmas day.

    On Christmas morning give yourself the gift and enjoy using it all day.

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    Cook yourself an awesome meal of whatever you want, turn on an awesome movie, and just chill out

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    Find someone else in the same situation who just wants an hour of your time 😉

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    Go to a movie

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    Call the Salvos or similar and volunteer to feed the homeless on Xmas day - if you think being alone on Xmas sucks, try being alone and living in a cardboard box under a bridge…

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    Don't stress about it too much…just do whatever you usually enjoy doing. Go for a long walk in the sun and say "hello" to random people to make them smile. Think about all the things in your life that are good. Be happy :)


    rent a movie (or Netflix)
    get into ur pjs
    popcorn, chocolate and BINGE some tv series

    did that one year with a mate, watched casino, was pretty awesome


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    Curious to know what you do every other day of the year.
    I'm here by myself too but I'll fly home to celebrate with family - I have lots of friends, but often I still get the loneliness feeling.

    To be honest, it sounds like you're still hung up about your previous relationship. Those friends that you say you're not close enough to celebrate with are probably not not close, but instead, I think you're comparing and looking for that closeness you had with your ex bf/gf - which isn't going to be there with normal friends.

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    You're trying to force meaning into a couple of days and then take those days seriously and alone.

    Recipe for existential, identity and relationship crisis.


      Agree with this. It does feel like the whole celebrating an event/holiday thing is taken out of context. Put aside the commercial (sales sales sales but not really sales except stock that doesn't sell) aspect of it, the point is that it's meant to be spent with friends, family, loved one etc. particularly if you do not do so often enough during the year. If they're not available for any reason, why force a hollow celebration. I spent my last birthday alone due to various circumstances meaning no-one was around and it ended up just being another normal day. Nothing wrong with that at all. Next year will be better, hopefully.


    Cook something you like on the day and do your hobby that you haven't done for a while. Could be binge watching, DIYs, language learning maybe, gardening, etc.


    Big upvote for the suggestion from MisterQ to volunteer (but you may have missed out - it is really popular on Christmas Day - but not so much on other days).

    Elsewise, perhaps get down to St. Kilda beach if the weather is ok. There will be lots of people about, a lot of them backpackers or tourists without family, and the atmosphere should be ok.
    Having said that, the local council has banned alcohol in the area and police will be in attendance to enforce.


    If u want to stay in, maybe just Netflix and chill. Do some post Christmas shopping to see if there are any good sales on. Go see a movie, a musical, go for a nice long scenic walk, or go camping if your that way inclined.

    If you want to go out with other ppl, try the "meetup" site and see if there is anything worth your while (group activities etc) .


    Can you Skype with your family for a while on xmas day?
    That way you are partially in their celebration and don't need to help with washing up afterwards.

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    Stay up really late night drinking christmas eve, then sleep through most of Christmas day.
    When you feel awake enough, and recovered enough from hangover etc, head to maccas for meal and a coffee.
    I always noticed how packed local pub was on Christmas eve. Not sure if every town pub is like this, or if it was because I lived in a touristy town.
    Christmas is 'just another day' to many people (including myself). I love to spend it with family, especially children, but if I'm honest about it, it is not at all that it is Christmas day that makes it special, it is those around me (and any day would be the same, if I had the same company to keep). Seems like you're concerned that it is Christmas day and you should do something, well, you don't have to treat it differently to any other day, I like the idea of gifting yourself and not using it until Christmas day (TightBottom's suggestion) and I have done this before my birthday. I give the best birthday gifts :)


    I like getting away on NYE where there are no people. Most venues are ticketed and overpriced.

    i suggest going camping for 2 days. It will still be crowded, but it is all relative.
    One year I was at Federation Hut at the foot of mount feathertop. There were so many people there that you would think people can just uber there. (this was pre-uber by a lnog time)


    Please comment and Merry Christmas :)

    May the Force be with you.

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    Kinda breaks the old heart to hear folks don’t have anybody to share Christmas with :/

    Prob a good opportunity for those of us who are lucky enough to be able to celebrate comfortably with family and friends to reflect on how good we’ve got it. I certainly lose my perspective and then see a post like this and feel awful.

    OP, is there any chance you could ask your mates and catch up anyways? I mean sure, you might not be great friends but still, it’s christmas, they might be happy to have you over for dinner or whatever.

    Not trying to get preachy, I’m not suggesting folks here don’t appreciate things, I just know from personal experience that I forget how lucky I am.

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    Merry Christmas! Hope you got to enjoy the day! :)

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