expired [NSW] Mearth Electric Bike ZERO $849 + Shipping (Sydney Only) or Pickup @ Mearth E-Scooters (Sydney)


Special Christmas Sale. We have started the Christmas Sale and slashed the price of our ebike. Now you can have your own ebike ZERO for just $849 instead of $1219. With one year warranty on Battery, Frame, and Motor, it is a perfect Christmas present.

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    Maybe specify Sydney only


    Free shipping outside Sydney ? If not can you mention the shipping cost as well

    How do you rate your bike in comparison with leitner bike ?


      Apologies, we don't ship outside Sydney as of now.


        What about rating.


          Our ebike is one of the lightest ebike in Australia. It comes with inbuilt force sensor that senses the amount of force the rider put on the pedals and provide the optimum power to the rear wheel to make the ride comfortable and efficient. It has a sleek look. I personally have never ridden a Leitner bike but above mentioned are the important features of our EBike. Also, our ebike ZERO is completely legal to ride on public road.

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    can we purchase and deliver to vic?


    21kg - at least that not as bad as it looks :)

    With only one gear, pedalling will not be very useful.
    And challenging if the battery dies.


      It weighs only 21 Kg. The inbuilt force sensor will do the work of gears for you. You just have to pedal and let the smart sensor do all the work. It has a range of 40km with a full charge, once the battery dies, it becomes a normal bike.

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        That is BS, the motor will help to a point but steep hills with 24v and no gears will mean heavy pedalling or walking if the load becomes to much as you can't shift down, legal ebikes need gears for hills, a decade of experience with many ebikes in a very hill area.
        "once the battery dies, it becomes a normal bike." A normal heavy single speed bike so just hope there is no hills.


    What is the Ah rating of the battery?

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    Wow this has all the hallmarks of an annoying AF website:

    Requests to show notifications
    Full-screen mailing list pop-up
    (probably fake) counter showing how many people are viewing the page
    'Can we help you?' pop up chat window


    Just posting to let people know there was something similiar for electric bikes perth over here: https://perthelectricbikecentre.com.au/ That should still be in swing if I remember what the shop owner said correctly

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