Does an AV Receiver Pass The HDMI through? Or alternative suggestions for getting surround sound and multiple HDMI inputs into 2

I've got a 4x2 HDMI switch so I can have things like the Chromecast, Xbox, Switch, Steamlink plugged into the tv, and also use them on the projector.
It works well now, and I only have to press a button to get the picture on either one.

But when I'm watching stuff on the projector there's only a set of 2 speaker logitechs running it, and the cable is pretty short so they sit behind me. Everything is the rear channel.

What I'd love is to be able to watch things with surround sound on.
So the option being considered is to grab something like this:
Then I could run the HDMI cable from the 4x2 switch to this, and from this around the room to the projector.
That will work right? And this thing will spit out 5.1 sound, and leave the video signal going up to the projector?

Ideally I'd love to have surround sound on everything, regardless of whether it's through the tv or projector. But I couldn't see anything that would do surround and 4 or 5 inputs, 2 outputs and not cost a bajillion dollars.

Is there a better idea?


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    Yes they usually do.


    Not a bazillion but a $500 A/V does the job way better.


      Most of the cheaper AV receivers have only one output.

      OP - maybe use the switch to turn the single output from the AV receiver into 2 HDMI outputs for TV and projector? Or buy a second hand receiver with 2 or more outputs.

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        buy a second hand receiver

        This. Provided you can pick them up you can get high end units for a hundred or so. Good ones are heavy IME.

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          I bought a whole [previously top of the consumer line] Yamaha receiver, 5 satellites and an active sub used for $350. It cost the previous owners a few thousand in 2008. Processing is getting better, amplifiers and speakers are getting lighter, but audio quality hasn't really gotten much better in the last ten years.


          I hadn't really thought about that path.
          Maybe I'll have a look around.

          Excellent thinking!


        Now that's one I didn't think of at all.

        Use the 4 inputs on the AV switch to plug in the 4 devices, and use the switch on the way out.
        Surround sound for everything.