Best 4K Monitor/TV for PlayStation Pro

Wanting the best monitor or TV if called for it, for future 4K playthroughs of "The last of us", "Uncharted", Red Dead and so on…will be buying a seperate monitor for a 144+hz PC build (mostly for csgo or R6).

Beyond confused plz help me.


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    Budget/size would be helpful…

    • Sorry lost my phone, about 400-800

  • Personally i like the Phillips 436M6VBRAB/75 (HDR400) or 436M6VBPAB/75 (HDR1000) but they are about $999 and $1399 respectively.

    Basically the specs you want are, in order i beleive;

    1. HDMI 2.0 Support (must have for 4K at 60Hz)
    2. 4K @ 60hz (or 2560x1440p at 120Hz if your happy to settle for that)
    3. Screen Size
    4. HDR (10 is best but anything is good for the X/Pro min 300nits)
    5. Freesync Supported (or Adaptive Sync)

    Basically depends on your budget….

    • Ah yes, hoping to cheap out on either TV or monitor.

      Or go somewhere in the middle with a monitor that's good for both?

  • I would wait for Boxing Day sales and see if you can get an OLED TV.
    I purchased the LG 55" OLED B7T for $1699 @ GG eBay Boxing Day sale last year.
    There might be a sale for the C8T
    Many ppl mention image retention however I have never had an issue.

    • So. Xpensive.
      Better be some sense pixels!

  • Hisense

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