Nissan X Trail ST $27500 Drive away, is it a good deal?

Hi all,
I have been looking to buy a new car last weeks and best deal i could find for the 2018 Brand new X trail ST base model is $ 27500. It is listed at $29990 at the moment. Comes with 3 years warranty and the standard 12 month rego, plus 3 years road side assistant. Dealer throw in 3 more years machenical warranty if i service the car there.
Also if it is going cost the same, would you get window tint at a dealer or outside of the dealer?

What does evryone think, should i pull the trigger or negotiate to get better price, or wait till January 2019 and get a better deal on these 2018 model?


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    3 years extra dealer warranty isn’t worth the toilet paper it is written on. Will end up costing you more than it’s worth…

    Window tint outside the dealer. It will be $1,200 at the dealer and $300 where they would get it done anyway.

    $2,500 off doesn’t sound too bad. InB4 all the people that turn up saying “I only haggle 50% off minimum and work up from that.}

    And if you don’t need the car for a while, hold out until end of Jan and go in and see if they have what you want and make another offer on an ‘18 model.

    • To get the extra 3 years dealer warranty, i need to service my car with them first 3 years. Where would one go to service their brand new car if not at the dealer where they bought it from? I thought at least for the first 3 years?
      As for tinted window, quality wise, would a dealer tinted window last longer than a after market( very cheap price quoted<200$). Let just say that i will be able to squeeze in the tint window for that price $27500. Note that both will be life time warranty on the tint window. The only thing i hooe for is maybe dealer will use a better quality film(???) For they price they charge hence may last longer?
      I don't need the car right now so yes i can wait. Just not sure how much i can negotiate more and whether it worth the wait :)

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        Free 3yr dealership warranty isn't worth the paper it's written on. Both of the ppl telling you this have worked in dealerships.

        • Ok. Thanks. I thought it was worth mentioning but , oviously with your experience it is worthless so i will not take that extra warranty as an add bonus when negotiatiing. Cheers

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        3 year dealer warranty is worthless because one small slip and it’s gone. It also isn’t backed by the manufacturer, it’s backed by a shady insurance type company. The deal is, you have really short service intervals, some are 3 months, some are 6 months. Most are a mix of 6mth or 5000km. It’s basically over servicing. This will cost you a fortune. And when or if it comes time to make a claim, it will only be up to a certain amount, ie: $1500 engine, $500 gearbox, etc. If you are a day late booking the service or 1km over, your dealer backed warranty is gone.

        As for tint. Dealer tint is the shitest, cheapest tint they can buy. It isn’t put on at the factory, it’s put on when they prep the car for delivery. It’s usually who ever will fit it for them the cheapest. Go to a proper window tinter and you will get a better product for a better price.

        And if you can wait, go in towards the end of Jan and look for the sales guy sweating bullets. They will be trying to shift 2018 stock, so you may get a better deal. Ask for lots of after market goodies rather than trying to bludgeon them down on price.

        And as @spacbace says here. If he is telling you something about buying a car from a dealer, probably best to listen. :)

        • Thanks again for your response. I will keep them in mind when negotiate with the dealer

      • Sounds like that dodgy Harrier mob re: dealer warranty.

  • Firstly, I don't think things are going to be much cheaper in the new year. I can't imagine them doing big sales while everyone is either away on holidays or just come back from holidays. Also, if you can afford to wait (i.e. your current car works)… things might go down the gurgler with the property market bringing a recession along, and I'd wager you could get a cheaper Nissan XTrail around about then.

    Secondly, I wouldn't buy a brand new car. But if you have to, a Nissan XTrail is a pretty good option, Nissans are pretty reliable and this isn't a bad price. Have you looked at a demo model of the same car, same year model? Surely you could get a cheaper one with 2000km or so on it?

    • I am not in a rush to buy the car, but do not want to wait for say, more than 3 months either.
      I did look at the demo car, same specs with around 2-3000 km on it can be bought for $25500-26000, but oviously less choice of colour. So upto $2000 difference

  • That is a excellent price, but double check the manufactured date vs compliance date.
    Also I would suggest to test/check out the Renault Koleos, exact same car, but 0% interest rate and generally around the same price.

    • Thanks. I only able to get to this price after going to a 3rd dealer, so took some time and a lot of negotiating. In regard to Manufature date and compliance date, as long as they are both in 2018 i should be fine right?

      • Yes. If they are both ‘18, no problem.

        And I would avoid Renault. French make shitbox cars and 0% finance is a scam/sucker bet. You can usually hash out a better deal using your own money or an outside finance deal. There is no such thing as 0% interest loans. That money is coming from somewhere else in that deal.

        • I will be paying the whole amount so no need of finance, thus 0% will not atract me. I did look at the Renault Koleos, it have the same drivetrain/ engine as the xtrail under the bonnet, only with a different branding. The upside of the Renault is it has 5 years unlimited warranty instead of 3 years warranty of the Xtrail. Also the Renault have extra features on its base model like android play/apple car play and dual zone air conditioning. What i don't like/not sure is if the part cost / servicing will be the same or more expensive when comparing to nissan. I am learning toward nissan as it is imported from Japan. The renault are made in korea.

        • "French make shitbox cars"

          The Koleos is literally the same car as the XTrail. It's nothing to do with the French making shit cars. Unless you're talking about the interior, which I doubt.

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            @DisabledUser220804: Nobody buys French vehicles for their reliability. They styling may be a drawcard, but that is about it.

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              @whooah1979: Exactly. And there is a reason that manufacturers have to offer 0% finance. It’s usually because they are trying to shift a certain shitbox model that they can’t shift any other way.

              If Renault were a good quality, good value, good resale option when it comes to buying a car, then they would be placed a lot higher on the sales ledger. The problem is, they aren’t. And that primarily is because their cars are of low quality, are reasonably poor value, are expensive to maintain and you can’t give them away 2nd hand.

              But I will say once thing, they do have some nice “looking” cars…

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                @pegaxs: You may throw Citroen and Peugeot in the same pot.

            • @whooah1979: I don't think you're following. The XTrail is the same car as the Koleos. It's a Nissan chassic, Nissan engine, Nissan gearbox.

              Could you please explain what is so unreliable about French interior and exterior construction? Are the panels going to fall off in a year?

              • @DisabledUser220804: I never stated that I think the X-Trial more or less reliable than a Koleos.

                The key difference between the two is one is made in KR and the other in JP.

              • @DisabledUser220804: I think the Koleos is assembled in South Korea by Samsung (yes, seriously) whilst the X Trail is made in Japan by Nissan. In theory however they should be very similar. Whatever the case, if warranty is so important then maybe something from the likes of Kia (7 year warranty) might be worth considering….

          • @DisabledUser220804: Resale on an X-Trail vs a koleos will be night and day. Also Renault interiors are an atrocity, though that's personal preference.

  • Take your time, you should be able to negotiate at least 8% off retail price and if you do it in 2019, at least 15-20% off RRP for a 2018 compliance plated car. At 27500 its unlikely you are getting a brand new xtrail, its likely a demonstrator model. If it has a rego already means its not brand new anymore. New cars are not plated and usually should come with less than 10kms when delivered.

    Usually for the runout cars they sell for previous years are demonstrator models, which in fact you can easily get 10%-15% off anytime anyways.

    I would recommend a Subaru Forester :D 37600RRP should be able to negotiate it down to 30-33k easily for 2018 model.
    [At Subaru, we're thrilled with the news that the Subaru Forester 2.5i-S AWD has been named the 2018 Best Small SUV at the 2018 Drive Car of the Year Awards.]

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      Bear in mind, $29,990 is not "retail price". I don't work for Nissan, and never have, but I can assure you that's not list price, it's a campaign special.

      Please don't confuse the 2 when it comes to negotiation.

      A Yaris Ascent Auto is $17,490 drive away, and there's about $350 profit in that. Don't think for a second that you're getting 5-10% off that campaign special price.

      15-20% off RRP is hilarious tho! Thanks I needed that laugh 😂 man the commissions would be awesome if I had that sorta profit on everything! Sahara for $106,400-$113,000 would be a friggin bargain!

      • Hi Spackbace,
        They did recently drop it down to 29990, it use to be over 30k rrp. However it was price at 28990$ during the last end of finacial year sale.
        Do you think i will have any more saving to have after new year?

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          Crystal ball situation. Car would have to be in stock, salesman or sales manager needs the number.

          You're also in the worst position to negotiate - cash buyers offer the dealership nothing extra, no commission from finance.

          Absolute best time to strike a bargain is between Xmas and new years.

          But you're at $27,990, past best price was $28,990, I'd say that's a win…

          Grab it, and be able to have it over the Xmas hols

          • @spackbace: Thanks. Haha the dealer said the same when i said i will pay cash. The sale man i spoke to willing to take the car to a tint shop( will cost less than 200$) ( this is off the book, nissan will not know). so i am getting the car and the window tinted for $27500 but my invoice will said a lower amount than $27500.
            And yes having the new car for the holiday season would be nice ;)

            • @bargainfinder: Off the book tint means no paperwork showing they did the tint which means no or harder to get warranty.

              I've had a couple of tinted dealer service loan cars which were bubbling at 18 months/25k km, so I'd want that warranty…

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            @spackbace: This!! I work in the auto industry myself, but not in sales, but dealing with sales people and Spackbace is spot on!

    • Thanks for your input.
      The quote i am getting is definitely for a brand new unregistered car.
      I did look at the demo and they are priced about $25500 with 2-3000k on the clock. With 2-5 months less rego and factory warranty.
      If i can get 15-20% off by waiting for a month or 2 more (2400-2600$ for a brand new car) i will be happy to wait as i am not in a rush to buy the car.
      As for the Subaru, it is more than what i want to spend on this purchase so i will limit myself to around the 27k or under. I am trying to buy a house in the next 12 months as well so need to save some money ;)

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        You won't get that further saving off a 2018 plate, don't be deceived by silly people.
        Most dealers would be keen to sell in-stock cars now, and then you benefit by having it by Christmas :)

        • i learnt that the whole 'plate clearance' is bullcrap. it's just to get a rush of buyers into the dealers around x-mas time (or after) when they want to spoil themselves and are in the mood to part with their money much more easily. there's no such thing as 'clearing stock' that soon because the new models are 6 months away.

          they keep all new cars in the same holding yard and dealers just take from that stock. they're just not going to give you a massive 15-20% discount because they have too much of one model. it just doesn't happen.

          i monitored prices closely on carsales, advertisements etc. and i would've paid the same if i bought late in the previous year as i did early in the year. the only difference is for rego/insurance purposes. because the car was sold to me in 2018 and not 2017. some people like that it feels like the 'latest' thing and don't want to register a car that has a 2017 naming linked to it in 2018.

          if you can get 15-20% off a NEW car (one that has the usual ~10km on the ODO) then you're doing real good and i'll give you a virtual hi-five.

          • @DisabledUser254352: No, it's real.

            Models change throughout the year, there's no set month where they come through, they just come sporadically.

            But compliance plate matters because of resale.

            Depalerships don't like old stock, and many try to stick to 90 day stock policies (on the dealer level, not on the brand level where they have storage facilities with other cars). In January, a car is deemed as old. Customers don't want it or if they do, they want it cheaper than a 2019. And if ur sitting in the dealers yard, we want rid.

            If you go into a dealership on December 31st, and will buy something on the floor, you'll get the best possible deal. You might get better if there's a 2018 plated car in march, but it likely won't be your preferred colour, and it's been sitting in the dealership for months.

            TL;DR yes dealerships clear the stocks in December/January, and will do a good deal if you buy a car on their yard

            • @spackbace: models change throughout the year, well, every brand will change only once though won't they? most around mid-year?

              if in Jan a car is deemed as old, it's come in 3 months before that. but if more stock comes in, that will hold till March, and then there's 3 months from there. sounds like they'd constantly be having shipments come in and trying to sell until the new model comes out and then the 3 month cycles goes on.

              i believe you in a way, but there's always new stock coming in depending on sales and projected sales and before you know it, a new model is out! (often a little more expensive) probably the worst time to buy because dealer will be expecting full RRP?

              the dealerships always seem to have a freakin 'sale'. gift cards etc. to try sweeten the deal.

              i don't doubt walking in on the 31st december has potential for a good deal, but i don't like em in white and every time i just found they didn't have the best value model that i wanted on floor (because it was either the more expensive one i didn't want, or colours/trims were also not what i wanted).

              i just don't think 15-20% is ever going to happen on new cars because many brands just sell so well and i doubt they ever get to the point where they are holding onto stock for more than 90 days anyway.

              • @DisabledUser254352: No, 15-20% will never happen it's a pipe dream.

                Forget about "new models", I'm purely talking year changes and it comes down to what the customer expects, not what the dealer wants.

                If a customer comes in march, and there's 2 cars, both identical, 1 a 2018 the other a 2019, they'd take the 2019 unless the 2018 is sufficiently discounted. That's why a dealer would rather get rid of the 2018 in December/January at cost price, than lose money on it in march.

                Manufacturers also give money to clear old stocks, but these bonuses clear up a few months into the year, leaving the dealer with expensive old cars, just burning holes in their pockets.

                Same thing happens every year, so dealers know what stock they need to get rid of.

                Of course, if the car is already in high demand with shit availability (currently hybrid Camry and Corolla) expect to see no discounting.

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      last time i tried to negotiate 15-20% off a new car even after the new year i was basically told to get stuffed.

      i reduced my offer to 10% and it was accepted. 10% was still below carsales, but the 15-20% off was ridiculous pricing that put it at the same price of a much lower spec'd model.

      all they do is show you a demo model and except you to pay for that (same price, different car).

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    FWIW, Rather than buying the basic model new car, my preference is to buy the top of the range or one badge down that is 12 months old with 10k to 15k kms on it. You wind up paying about the same and you get a far more luxurious car while a good portion of the depreciation has been absorbed by the previous buyer.

    Case in point. I was looking at a new Mazda 3 this time last year at around 23k for the basic model. Ended up buying an sp25 GT that was exactly 1yo with 15800km on clock. Pretty sure that while driving a nicer car over the last 12 months, I have lost less money in depreciation in terms of what my car is currently worth (now 31km) as opposed to if I bought the new car.

    • You are talking about new vs second hand car.

      OP clearly after a new car.

    • You have a fair point there. I initialy did consider 2nd car instead of new due to value lost on new car. Its just that after testing a few new car i get attched to it now haha. Will still have a look at that option though to see what value i coukd get. Cheers

      • The new car feeling fades pretty quickly..I guess it's about what value you place on having that momentary feeling. To me it's a no brainer, then again it depends how disposable your incomes is too.

  • Update: just been off the phone with a dealer who is 3 hours away from me.
    He might be able to sell the car for me at $26500 delivered to my door, so 1k cheaper than my current offer. The only thing i will not get is the 3 year mechanical protection plan because i will not service my car there, which suppose to be worth next to nothing so i am not too worry.The only thing i am worry now is i will not personally see the car, i will only be able to inspect it when accepting delivery. Is there any other risk factor when buying a new car from interstate or 3 hours away from home?

    • There's a certain point where the dollars aren't worth it tbh. $1000 saving (with a maybe attached), can't physically see the car till it rocks up on your doorstep, and no personalised delivery showing you through the car (we reserve an hour of our time to show you through it).

      Up to you in the end, but a car is the 2nd biggest purchase you make in life, give your cash to someone you trust.

    • Why cant you drive there and pay for it and got the car deliver or drive it back?

      You should save another few hundred for not needing the car delivered.

      • Yes, that is an option on the table and i am seriously consider it, will talk to the dealer tomorrow, might knock it off further by 200-300$ down from 26500$. I ll have to put down my deposit tomorrow he said if deals are to be present to his boss. My plan is to get the car pick up on Tuesday or Wednesday.

        • Last time i am being told the delivery cost would be $600 and they just hold the car for me without the desposit. It was a dealer from Orange NSW and i am from Sydney

        •  I ll have to put down my deposit tomorrow he said if deals are to be present to his boss.

          Oh no

          No no no

          What you've got here is the lazy sale from a salesperson that knows he's ages away from you.

          He'll simply take your offer, and present it. Boss says "no way in hell can we do that", and you might get a counter-offer. Meanwhile it takes you out of the market to the other dealers.

          Think about it:

          • you've been dealing with a salesperson, not the manager
          • dealer is hours away, so they know they likely won't get your business
          • salesperson uses lines like "I might be able to get you this, just need a deposit/credit card number and I'll present it".
          • mentally, you're thinking it's a deal, tell the other dealers you've bought. Dealer comes back n says "sorry no, but…" and you agree to the counter-offer.

          What this dealer is doing is just throwing numbers around to attract you, nothing more.

          Don't trust them.

          • @spackbace: Yes, i think you are right, and he is not the first to ask for my CC. even the dealer o personally went in to see the car ask for my CC when he present the offer to his manager.
            Anyway, what if i can get him to email me the offer? Would that be a legitimate offer then? Once i have that in hand i will drive down and inspect/ purchase the car

            • @bargainfinder: Nope, still not a legitimate offer. It's just that, an offer.

              Considering the distance between, ask his sales manager to call you to confirm if he can do the deal. If he can you'll give the deposit over the phone right there. Be ready to buy at that price, once you confirm the car is as you want.

              If the manager doesn't/won't call, it's not a do-able deal

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    Just put down a deposit for $26200 Drive away. Dealer said i can pick up the car this Tuesday. Thanks all for your help, specially Spackbace. Hope all will turn out well this Tuesday :)

    • No worries well done! Check build and compliance and odometer when you pick it up lol

      • Hey spackbace, how would i differentiate a new car from a demo car? Just in case they gave me a demo car instead, and what would the Odometer should be at?

        • Is the further reduction come from thr car delivery cost?

          • @SnoozeAndLose: Yes, i told them i will pick up the car instead. The dealer was like, "i am going to drive the car to you so it's going to cost us nothing". I called BS , anyway could have ask for further discount but his boss said i should look at the used car so i jump the gun:)

            • @bargainfinder: They would never drive down. Too much thing could possibly happen.

              There is no cost to ask a staff to take time to drive and go back?

              Real BS.

        • Kms under 50

          And check the rego papers to see date of first registration, and to make sure it was 6 or 12 months (whichever was agreed on)

  • Yes, i told them i will pick up the car instead. The dealer was like, "i am going to drive the car to you so it's going to cost us nothing". I called BS , anyway could have ask for further discount but his boss said i should look at the used car so i jump the gun.:)

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    Picked my car up for $26200. My brother also got a deal for $35800 7 seat ST-L with roof racks, weather shield, bonnet protector and tinted window.

    So far i am happy with the car.