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GT-MAX Gaming Chairs $189 (Was $229) + Discounted Delivery @ CPL Online


Hi Folks,

It's coming up to Christmas and we're all thinking hard about what presents to get our loved ones. Why not a quality gaming chair? Given how much time we spend at a desk, in front of a computer what better present than a comfortable, ergonomic chair - a gift that will last years and provide endless value! We have the newest series of GT-MAX Gaming chairs on special in a wide range of colors. These products are all in stock ready to ship immediately so you'll be guaranteed to have them before Christmas.

A Wide range of colors and designs starting at just $169.
GT-MAX YX-0033 Orange/Black, White/Black, Red/Black $189 (was $229)
GT-MAX YX-801 Black/White, Black/Red $189 (was $229)
GT-MAX YX-0026 Black or Black/Red $189 (was $229)
GT-MAX YX-0045 Red/White/Black $169 (was $199)
GT-MAX YX-802 Black/Red $189 (was $229)

Discounted delivery (roughly): Free to Melbourne Metro. $10 to Vic country, TAS metro, SYD, ADE, $15 to Bris & outer Vic country.

Discounted delivery (via Fastway couriers) is being offered to a large area (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide and surrounding areas). Unfortunately given the product's size and weight, we are unable to offer discounted delivery to some areas.
Please note: Discounted delivery applies to the chair ONLY. Adding other products to your cart will increase the delivery fee. (edit: should mention free delivery to Melbourne metro)
20 units of each model available.

EDIT: We've had a number of inquiries to see if we can leave this open overnight while people discuss the purchase with friends/family. We've decided to leave the offer open until 11AM AEDT tomorrow (Friday, 14th December).

This Christmas why not buy that special someone a gift that they will use every day - a GT-MAX Gaming Chair!

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  • Hi OP. I gather this chair is the same as the centrecom equivalent?


      It certainly looks similar! Our's come in RED and black and also the pure black everyone knows Red makes things go faster! Has the same features. Can't confirm if they're 100% the same. Ours are MUCH cheaper though. Don't pay $349 @centrecom though! Pay $189!

      • They were likely born in the same factory and yes your price is much better, though their chair is listed at $299 not $349.

  • what is the difference between the 3 models?…


    Sorry, which 3? We have 5 models (in different colors) on offer today.

  • Which one is the discounted shipping? What's the discount?
    Fastway (Orange) $70.80 is what I'm seeing for Brisbane.


      Can you email [email protected] with your inquiry and postcode. There might be a glitch, we'll look into it. Should be $15 for Brisbane metro.

      • I can see Flat Shipping (Pink) $15.00, but that didn't sound like it was the offer listed since you specifically mentioned Fastway. Might be an idea to make the wording more clear, so that we can tell that's the special one and not some ultra budget option.


          Hi Gururek, sorry, web team is in charge of that "flat" name. Can't change it now. But for everyone else looking at it. Yes, the "Flat Shipping <insert color>" is via Fastway couriers who are insured!

  • Hi rep - good to see you're active in the comments! Can you please update the original post with example prices in the title and then some products in the body as per posting guidelines

    • +2 votes

      Hi Hinee, Thanks for the advice. I've edited the title and included the model numbers. Let me know if you'd like to see anything made clearer. I'm a little rusty at this.

      • Good stuff thanks. Only other thing I would recommend is some sort of indication of postage at least to capital cities. Ozbargainers are often fiery creatures who want answers right away.

  • Op is this deal for today only?

    • +1 vote

      Yes , the deal is intended to end when we close today at 6:30PM ADST. Might be able to swing an extension till tomorrow if enough people show an interest.

  • Man the website is getting slammed LOL


      Unplanned maintenance I think. Minor updates and fixes and about 150 new products being listed. My apologies once again on behalf of the web team.

      • All good, the range of seats look amazing keep up the good work !!


          Just in case anyone is wondering. Our Notting Hill office in Melbourne has one of each of these chairs set up on display. If you're close, feel free to drop in and try them before you buy. There's also another 30 or so chairs from other brands like DX-RACER, Aerocool, Cougar and Anda Seat on display.
          All in all about 40 chairs to try!

  • Im interested, but I am curious, what are the key differnces in these chairs?

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      Let me go sit in them for a sec. I'll reply shortly.

    • +1 vote

      Right, a very quick butt-test gives me this:
      The cheaper $169 chair is lacking in the 3D arm rests (no spin) just up down.
      The dearer $189 chairs all have 3D movement in the arm rests. So back and forth, up down and angled outwards.
      The 801 and 802 seems to share the same cushioning. I'm about 80KG and they feel fairly soft and inviting to me.
      The 0026 feels firmer and is more "glove-like" - the back sort of curves around slightly - potentially better for sleeping in.
      The 0033 is also firmer than the 801 and 802 and is more curved around than the 0026

      The cushions are obviously different shapes and sizes for each model.

      Tell me if you want any other specifics. I can go check it out.

  • +2 votes

    Just a quick update. We've had a number of inquiries to see if we can leave this offer open until tomorrow morning so that people can discuss the purchase with family/friends. We've extended the offer until 11AM AEDT tomorrow - Friday 14th.
    Further edit: We're closing up for the day soon. We'll no longer be monitoring the comments until tomorrow morning. email us at [email protected] if you have any questions about this offer.

  • what is the shipping cost to Perth Metro? Thanks

  • How do these compare to these expensive gaming chairs you see at pro events? Like the secret lab? Anyone know? Never owned a gaming chair before so would love to hear thoughts.

    • As far as I can tell many of these chairs must come out of the same factory. If you compare these chairs to say the centrecom ones then the difference is in the branding.

      Chairs of course are best to try to see what's comfortable.

      Recently we bought a chair for a friends birthday and pretty much went going to every store that sold gaming style chairs, trying what each had on offer. There were some very comfy expensive office chairs, which weren't as functional as a gaming chair, and with our budget we ended up going for YX-0026.

      Of the range on offer at centrecom (no CPL near us) the YX-0026 was the most comfortable. Based on someone of average height and build 6ft/80kg).

      If you were to compare the YX-0026 to the $150 Officeworks bathurst chair then you'd quickly see it's not in the same league. So for $40 more you get much better build quality, comfort and functionality.

      The prices here are at $100 less than what is on offer elsewhere so the OP has posted a good deal.