PSA: Apple Pay for CommBank coming Jan 2019

Announced on Twitter today. FINALLY!!!!!
Here’s hoping Myki comes next haha.

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    In the time I've been waiting for Apple Pay on CommBank I've swapped from Apple to Android and swapped from CommBank to UBank.

  • this is great news. I don't have to move to ANZ now :)

    • Just in case you were not aware that ANZ wasn't your only option if you wanted Apple Pay. Four of the accounts listed here including the two with the most votes support Apple Pay already.

  • Here’s hoping Myki comes next haha.

    Not until the myki machines have an active internet connection, which is probably never. You can't have duplicate mykis without the balance on the card getting stuffed up.

    What is more likely is moving to a system that many other systems have, like the Tube, where you can just register your MasterCard or VISA, and get your daily passes by tapping that card (or your mobile phone).

  • I recently discovered that the toll gates at melb airport parking recognise your apple pay credit card as different to your actual credit card thus having to pay again when I’d already prepaid. A bit mirror-ozbargain of me :(

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