Need Help Planning My First Trip on Motorhome across AU & NZ

Hi savvy travelers,

I'm planning to explore oz by motorhome especially deals from relocation (, and this will be the first time ever using a motorhome for exploring.

I have few doubts and hoping if any frequent travelers can help me plan my trip:

  1. What are the basic things I have to keep in mind in terms of choosing a route, layovers, drive during night or day, other aspects of road trip?

  2. Where should I park or camp up for sleepovers? should I use campsites if so are they any fee associated with or can I get away with free sites (have googled and most of seem to be paid parks)

  3. I haven't picked a route yet, will decide by return fare price of flight, coach or train but need to do it before Jan end so I think it's going to be expensive.

  4. What happens on a hot day especially summer is already here, will the aircon be sufficient enough to cool the whole cabin?

  5. what are some other expenses I have to look out for? other than fuel, ferry when needed for an extra person.

  6. How and where should I empty lavatory can fill water tanks and anything else?

They are heaps more questions going through my head, but these are the main ones.

About us:

We are a couple in late 20's and love traveling, usually do it by car, train, coaches or flights.

In the next couple of months, we want to use relocation deals and explore OZ & eventually NZ to ideally to drive from CHC to Auckland or vice-versa.

I'm planning a few international trips in April - Europe will be using relocation deals in Europe if we find any deals and depending on how comfortable using them here will it be or going to stick with euro rail or hop on/off coaches


First-time motorhome users, looking for useful tips & tricks to travel across OZ & NZ on a budget.



  • Whenever you go somewhere, see if the place name plus 'massacre', 'incident' or 'slayings' has a ring to it and avoid.

  • Big 4 sites have good facilities but can be full of kids during holidays

    • Do you have any other suggestions dissin? and what do you mean by big 4 sites can you provide links pls

  • PM me if the Grampians ends up on yr itinerary.

  • Google "free camping Australia" for great info and forums. All your questions answered.

    My tips:

    Download Wikicamps.

    Only plan to cover half the distance per day that you would in a car - motorhoming is just all-round slower.

    Mix paid campsites amongst free camps. Paid sites with facilities are great to clean up (motorhome and personally), stock up on water, etc. but being outside fences, even better completely on your own, is IMO the best of camping. A couple of days in a site with facilities after a week of living in the rough is a good ratio IMO.

    Good luck and have fun.

    1. You can buy a book called campsites Australia or something available at most dymocks or major book stores.

    2. You can use an app I think it's called wiki camps for camp sites plus reviews.

    3. I prefer bush camp or atleast out of the way camp settings because the less people the safer. Similarly, you can do mainly free camps at bush sites and once you get to the point of needing to refill water or power up, use a caravan park. So maybe 3 days bush every 4th day go to a proper site.

    4. Have an idea of what range you can go with water refill and toilet dumps before you go.

    5. Learn basic vehicle maintenance such as plugging a tyre or changing a tyre. You would be surprised how most problems are usually small like this and it stops trips because people cant even plug a tyre.

    6. Reduce your tyre pressures on dirt roads for a more pleasant drive.

    7. Victoria - most national parks allow free camping.

    8. Purchase Hema paper maps for the state you are travelling and they also do area maps with campsites, lookouts, iconic attractions.

    9. Pick an itinerary before you go and work around it. Dont just head off as you will be stressed looking for a place to stay and this chews into precious 'experience time'

    10. Take a swag and sleeping bag as you may want to spend a few nights under the stars.

    11. Wet wipes are great, but not biodegradable so dont throw them in toilets - only in bins.

    12. A handful of dirt and water is a better soap than soap, so if you ever need to clean your hands without toilet facilities this is the best. Sand produces better results.

    13. If you are camping and need to squat to number 2. Sitting over a fallen tree is much more comfortable unless you're asian and pro already.

    14. Mosquito repellant tabs you stick on your clothes are better than the spray as they aren't all oily on your skin, but not as strong as the spray.

    15. Motorhomes are great but you will forever be making sure you have a spot to park etc. when in major centers.